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  1. Re: WoW patch failure

    Mine says that as well. It doesn't seem to affect gameplay so just open WoW.exe instead of the launcher.
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    Re: Best Free Games

    It always seems like wine can handle blizz games pretty well. They keep it clean and simple so if they don't I think we should still be playing it shortly.
  3. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    Yes and No.
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    Re: Best Free Games

    Stepmania has a native linux port that's free. Fun rythm DDR clone. -
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    Re: Dawn of War DLL problem

    The reason this is happening is that your launcher isn't configured correctly. (or Dow doesn't receive it correctly, which is probably closer to the truth) If you, in the terminal, navigate to where...
  6. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    In regards to my earlier post with the pictures, I just replaced my ATi card with an old Nvidia I had in a spare and the wow problem (among many other things) was fixed. I know who I'm giving my...
  7. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    Hello. Im experiencing extreme graphical glitching in wow under OpenGL mode with my Radeon 9000 (w/ the open source drivers I believe). None of these glitches are present with d3d but it runs...
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    Re: Dawn of War in Wine

    I'm not sure about the error (I see stuff like that all the time when installing things in wine) but you should be able to patch to 1.50 and not have to hassle with the cd because the devs decided to...
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