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  1. [ubuntu] Re: MacBook Pro 8,1 & Ubuntu - can they work together?

    I would check out this wiki. It needs quite a bit of work, but it does have a lot of good stuff in there. My main complaint of running Ubuntu...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: HELP..! Newbie here. Regarding Ubuntu Restart.

    The previously posted video is very good. Pay attention to Step #4, where the disk is partitioned. I would click manual and select the external hard drive as the installation destination.

    BE VERY...
  3. [all variants] Re: FF 3.5 no clear private data option?

    You can also go to Tools -> Clear Recent History
  4. Re: 9.10 installed now how do I turn off netbook again

    That's ALT+F2
  5. Re: 9.10 installed now how do I turn off netbook again

    Did you try my previous post? I got the impression from your last post that you missed it.
  6. Re: 9.10 installed now how do I turn off netbook again

    If I were you, I would reset your panel configuration, since some changes were made to the applets in 9.10. You will get the Fast User Switch applet, which allows you to control your IM status and...
  7. Re: Blatant security flaw much?

    Has anyone considered just locking the keyring, or perhaps making sure that the login keyring is locked by default?

    Go to Accesssories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys. Right click on the "login"...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Where is lpia?

    Thank you Brandon. I will try them both. I have been reading that the lpia version can be a little weird, so I might just play it safe and use the standard UNR image. Thanks again!
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    [ubuntu] Where is lpia?

    I am expecting a Dell Mini 9 to arrive soon, and I have heard that the lpia version provides significant savings in battery life. However, I can't find the installer image for Jaunty ANYWHERE. It...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Xsane is driving me Insane

    Ouch. Segmentation fault?! You've stumped me.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Wiping the harddrive from within Ubuntu--possible?

    It will format the disk for you during the installation process. Just make sure you have saved all your important data first.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Xsane is driving me Insane

    Which version of Ubuntu are you running? I am running 8.10 and also have an HP scanner, and I have never had to do the things described here. I just plug in my scanner and it works.
    With that said,...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Issues accessing some things on the internet.

    I usually run these commands as part of my post installation routine. It installs flash and the packages you need to play dvds. Works like a charm everytime. Just open up a terminal window and cut...
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    [ubuntu] Easy, open source VPN solution?

    I am seeking an open source replacement for Hamachi. Ideally, I am looking for something that can be completely mobile, so that I can be anywhere with my laptop and quickly setup a server. It would...
  15. Re: Imagination, a simple and lightweight DVD slideshow

    Can I add music to the slide show? Can I export it as a simple movie file, like Theora?
  16. Re: PolicyKit, DeviceKit, PackageKit...Where is it all going?

    Does anyone know for certain if Packagekit will be in Jaunty or not? Any links to mailing lists detailing this?
  17. Re: Combat Arms Ubuntu Trademark Infringement?

    I say this it is worth pursuing, because not doing so would set a president, and give proprietary software/content vendors the idea that they can violate the already liberal licenses of our...
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    [ubuntu] Video Chatting with Empathy

    Has anyone been able to successfully adopt Empathy for their video chatting needs? I am looking for an open source alternative for Skype, but something that is just as easy to use (ie. I don't want...
  19. [gnome] Re: How To: Share your Internet connection via WiFi in Intrepid

    Yup, installing dnsmasq-base was all I did. Oh, I also restarted the computer too.

    It might be a question of drivers. Some cards might not be able to do it yet. As I remember, Intrepid isn't even...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Advice on dual-boot vs. virtual on Lenovo laptop

    Naaa, I just give Windows XP 1 out of my 3 gb of ram and it runs great. Windows Vista might be a different story, however.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Advice on dual-boot vs. virtual on Lenovo laptop

    One more thing: Virtualbox allows you to make snapshots of the virtual machine, so if you really screw something up, you can very quickly go back to the previous snapshot.
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Advice on dual-boot vs. virtual on Lenovo laptop

    Virtualbox OSE, which is in Ubuntu's software repositories, is a great free and open source solution to virtualization. There is also a proprietary (but still free) version of Virtualbox which...
  23. [gnome] Re: How To: Share your Internet connection via WiFi in Intrepid

    Also got it working on intrepid. My girlfriend is even able to connect with her mac! dnsmasq-base should really be installed by default for Jaunty!
  24. Re: User specific mount points

    could you be a little more specific? Your original post is a little difficult to understand. It sounds like you want the home folders of specific users to be on certain partitions, is that right? I'm...
  25. Re: Making it easier to Mount Partition automatically...

    Also, if you define the drive that you have all your music and stuff on during the installation process, it will be mounted at bootup. It would be nice to have in the nautilus properties dialogue to...
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