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    [ubuntu] problems installing via synaptic

    Hey all;
    So, i'm having a problem installing programs via synaptic. supposing I issue the command:
    sudo apt-get install <program>
    (and assuming the program is in the repositories), I get an...
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    [all variants] Re: grub install ails when installing ubuntu


    its been a while, but i think that the problem in questino (at least on my drive) was that the partition table was invalid/corrupted. that was what was causing the grub install to mess up. ...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: grub does not initialize; ubuntu non-bootable

    didnt think that it mattered before; i disconnected all the drives but the drive i wanted the OS's on, and it worked. It seems that the bootsectors (or grub at least..) were being installed on a...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: grub does not initialize; ubuntu non-bootable

    ok, so, just to make sure i covered all my bases, i wiped the partitions from my drive, re-installed vista, created a second partition for ubuntu using the vista disk management tools, then restarted...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: grub does not initialize; ubuntu non-bootable

    or are you trying to say that the vista partition needs to control the whole disk as of the time of vista installation, then after that i would go in and, using the vista partitioner or gparted,...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: grub does not initialize; ubuntu non-bootable

    not true; ive set up multiple other machines with similar setups to the one i desire (vista + ubuntu) using gparted to do the partitioning. not had any problems with those machines.
  7. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] grub does not initialize; ubuntu non-bootable


    ive been working to get my operating systems configured to my satisfaction on my new box. ive been working towards a dual boot system with vista and ubuntu 8.04. installing vista,...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: vista bootloader not letting me into ubuntu...

    yeah thats kinda the problem. thats exactly what ive been doing and its not working.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: vista bootloader not letting me into ubuntu...

    originally, at the beginning of this whole process, i installed it using wubi. i then installed ubuntu via the live cd to the same partition (desiring to use grub). i have since re-installed a few...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: vista bootloader not letting me into ubuntu...

    yes, ubuntu is installed. i just re-installed it to make sure. it still does not set up grub correctly.

    im not sure how best to describe this; normally, when ubuntu boots, it goes through the...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: vista bootloader not letting me into ubuntu...


    a.) there is no option for linux in the boot tab of msconfig. the only option there is vista. the vista bootloader doesnt know about ubuntu (note, i re-installed ubuntu in an attempt to put...
  12. [ubuntu] vista bootloader not letting me into ubuntu...

    ive been working with ubuntu for a while, and wanted to install in on my new computer (as a dual-boot with vista). feeling lazy (and somewhat curious) i thought id try the install-from-within-vista...
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    [other] eeepc wont boot from removable device

    So, im not sure if anyone here will know the answer to this, or have much experience in this area, but im having an odd problem with my eeePC.

    I cant say how long ago this started, but i seem to...
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    [ubuntu] strange keyboard/function key problem..

    so, i recently upgraded my eeepc to hardy 8.04. however, this has had a curious side-effect; whenever i log into my system, the system acts as i was holding the unction key down. by this i mean...
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    [all variants] grub install ails when installing ubuntu

    hey all;

    So, im trying to in install xubuntu onto an old trashy computer i have lying around. the install proceeds normally, until the installer tries to install grub. then i get the error:...
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    [ubuntu] cant mount certain volumes in hardy...

    so, i recently updated to hardy 8.04, and have encountered an interesting problem; the computer doesnt auto-mount certain volumes. i have a fat32 (just formatted) and a ntfs (that was formatted like...
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    [ubuntu] Re: numpad suddenly doesnt work

    yeah; it still doesnt work. it doesnt matter which window manager i use, it doesnt type. i checked the keyboard layout; its still set to the default us english.

    i installed the xorg-dev files...
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    [ubuntu] numpad suddenly doesnt work

    so, this evening (at some point, unnoticed), my numpad ceased working in linux. i booted into vista, and the numpad works there. so, does anyone have any ideas as to whats going on??

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    [ubuntu] Re: missing X11 libraries

    i already had those installed, but i ran the apt-get command again; it updated and installed some new packages. same error though when running the compile command.
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    [ubuntu] missing X11 libraries

    so, ive had this problem multiple times now; ive been trying to configure files pertaining to the setup/compilation of window managers, and when i run the configure command i have gotten the...
  21. [all variants] Re: need help installing and running programs from removable media

    so, i went to edit my /etc/fstab as suggested, but, as far as i can tell, the disk (/media/disk) isnt even in there..

    cat /etc/fstab shows:

    # /etc/fstab: static file system information.
  22. [all variants] need help installing and running programs from removable media

    ok, so i have read that it is possible to install and run programs from removable media (flash drives, sd cards, ect). so i gave it a shot, seeing as my eeepc doesnt have alot of hard drive space. ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: wireless buggy on eeepc

    hmm; well, the

    "sudo ifconfig wlan0 down" seems to work, but the corresponding command "...up" doesnt seem to do anything. i still have to either switch networks and/or manually command it to...
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    [ubuntu] wireless buggy on eeepc

    so im having this interesting issue when im connected to the internet. When my computer goes to screensaver, or sometimes just sits for long enough, my wireless card will "cut out." to fix it i...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problems with newly installed Linux

    well if you wanted to do that, all youd have to do is put the cd back in the drive and re-install to the same partition that ubuntu is on now. i dont know if that would solve your problem or not,...
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