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    [ubuntu] Re: Not able to install using iso image

    Are you using the same downloaded ISO? If so, did you run an md5sum check on the image? If not and you don't want to figure it out, download a new image and see if that was the issue. (bad download)...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Dual booting Ubuntu with Vista. Vista partition blanked!

    Have you tried booting into your Ubuntu installation and checking to see if the partition exists? It is very unlikely, but it is worth checking. If it is gone and you absolutely need to recover data...
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    [other] Dual boot from BIOS Win7 & Karmic

    I would like to install grub or grub2 to my laptop's secondary hard drive (hd1 (sdb)) where Karmic is installed and be able to select the boot device from the BIOS Boot Menu <F12> that is available....
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