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  1. Re: Any way to install programs on installed linux by booting from bootable usb?

    Imagine there is, but be a long way to go about it. I know you can download a program to the USB and then copy it to the installed version and install it. Like if you deleted network manager,...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Can Anyone Advise on Updating BIOS - Esp Lenovo Users?

    Do not need woeusb(if it even works on windows) if using windows to make installer usb, just one of very few tools that work on Linux for making bootable windows USB. Other Linux USB tools don't...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Can Anyone Advise on Updating BIOS - Esp Lenovo Users?

    To do it the easiest and safest way,I would recommend making a partition and installing windows. Use woeusb to make a bootable windows installer. There are work arounds to do it with Linux, but...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Upgrade to new LTS version

    Ubuntu usually only offers to upgrade after a couple of months of a new LTS coming out. 20.04 will come out in April or people who want to do clean installs, but system upgrades should be available...
  5. Re: Not Able to Access the Dash on Ubuntu 19 Installed under VirtualBox on a Mac

    Might not help, but if you want to install unity desktop it works works very well with no interference with the now standard gnome desktop.
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    Re: Installing ubuntu alongside windows 10?

    Windows will want to have enough free space handy for installing updates/defragging and other stuff so probably not good idea to bypass limits, even if it takes more than it needs. Suggest same as...
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    Re: Suggest some Native Linux Games?

    Basic answer to that question would be no, unless we know what you like, and what computer you are using. A google search for linux games list will give you a lot more choices and you can limit it...
  8. Re: what advantage will I have to install ubuntu over other OS?

    For most of computer use, probably not much. Linux, Windows and Mac will all do browsing, email and other programs quite well. Most of the advantage will come if you want to use linux on older...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Laptop [Ubuntu + Windows 10] or [Windows 10 + Ubuntu]?

    Exactly what is no longer supported? The toshiba seems to still be working, and Win 10 and Xbuntu are still supported OSs. Both OSs can be upgraded to newer versions, even if a newer machine would...
  10. Re: Need help for installing Linux and picking right software

    First question would be if you want to relearn what you do with your programs with other replacements. Don't know enough, but think the first five will not work or not work well in Linux. Some...
  11. [xubuntu] Re: Is A Larger USB Beneficial to running Xubuntu Live?

    If you are not going to install soon, can use the bigger drive to hold any data you want to keep. You can also use the bigger USB to install ubuntu on and not worry about installing on your hard...
  12. Re: Do you think maintaining a separate machine solely for PFsense is an overkill ?

    For most home users a simple setup is probably more than they need. The paranoid and banking/business admins need everything they can get their hands on.
  13. Re: Not asked for root/admin password during install

    Thank you, from the question the OP was not seeing any place for a password, root or user.
  14. Re: Not asked for root/admin password during install

    Deadflower can you explain your answer a bit more. I have been installing ubuntu for years and every installation asks for a password to be set.
  15. Re: Hi! Started using UBUNTU again after some years.

    If you post a question and go to bottom of page there will be a small box asking how you want to be notify. You should also list what version and desktop you are using.
  16. Re: can I change flavours of Ubuntu, without starting from scratch?

    Snaps are not full feature yet. I would google kolourpaint and see if there is a a newer version as ppa. Also see if there are any permissions you check in software store that will allow more...
  17. Re: can I change flavours of Ubuntu, without starting from scratch?

    Changing favours to try to fix problem in a program will usually not help and/or make it worst. Installing different desktops sometimes work well, but other times can make a mess. Test in a VM or...
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    Re: Starting dual boot Ubuntu

    Installing from an UEFI source would be the recommended way to install. If you said/check yes, then ubuntu should be UEFI also. Someone else will have to show you how to check.
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    Re: Starting dual boot Ubuntu

    I have made the same mistake but the first command is sudo update-grub, need the little line between update and grub. It almost sounds like windows is installed as UEFI and ubuntu installed as...
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    [SOLVED] Re: changing firefox tabs

    I have not used them myself, but do remember reading about a few extensions for tab management. A google search for 'firefox tab management' should point you in the right direction.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Long Boot Times on Dell D630

    In terminal, system-analyze and system-analyze-blame should show what is slowing things up.
  22. Re: how to update firefox on this system ???

    Open up 'software and updates' and check to see when updates are to notify/display to you. Should be daily or weekly, adjust if needed. Since Firefox is included, it should be updated automatically...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Anyone still running Ivy Bridge graphics with 19.10?

    I have a P4 with Cyberbrade Trident graphics(almost 20 years) that still works. Might not play todays games, but just for browsing and watching media it is okay. Maybe not for 1080 or 4K, but 720...
  24. Re: ideas to how to use a old busted up laptop.

    Liquid and laptop keyboards usually do not mix well together. Got lucky only keyboard stopped working. Can use USB hubs if more ports are wanted.
  25. Re: how do you make sure no data is left on harddisc.

    Depending on you who want to prevent getting data, a big hammer is the best if for NSA and their friends, most other people then the link above should be good enough. Have an very old P4 laptop and...
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