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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Bluetooth USB Adapter not working Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    something wrong with the firmware:
    [ 406.000352] bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for rtl_bt/rtl8761a_config.bin failed with error -2
  2. [SOLVED] Re: GIMP 2.10.18 rotates picture when saving on 20.04 ....

    Did you try to export the image to another format? Try to rotate the image you want in GIMP and export it to another format instead of saving it.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Computer completely hangs while watching Youtube

    It's more nuanced than that.
    Mint is popular but that doesn't mean good. Volkswagens are popular.

    ===> Yeah! I agree. Just like Ubuntu 20.04; New and shiny does't mean Its good. :-D

    And Mint...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Computer completely hangs while watching Youtube

    I think you must use some light weight Ubuntu flavors... or You can try use Linux Mint its an Ubuntu based Linux Distro O.S as it continue to use the package repositories from the latest Ubuntu...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Zoom Communications Services

    Yes! it work fine for me using chrome web browser. No need to install the zoom apps.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Unable to open image file

    If it is corrupted and feeling don't have any chances, then try to use hex editor a tool that is used to display raw data of the image file. This hex editor can help to get rid of image corruption....
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    Re: System monitoring via Web browser

    Try brainypdm, creates a custom graph using various important performance data from Nagios.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Update to 20.04 query

    You can try this command;

    sudo do-release-upgrade -d

    We will see if you will be able to force your system to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04.
  9. [UbuntuGnome] Re: Can I save a document directly into a folder?

    To add the current folder to the bookmark list, press Ctrl+D or use the command Bookmarks. Add Bookmark.
    To remove or rearrange bookmarks in a different order use the Bookmarks - Edit Bookmarks...
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    [SOLVED] Re: HP Printer Wont Print

    This link might help you. Click here or Here.
    Debugging Printing Problems and Here.

    HP's Linux Imaging and Printing software (HPLIP)
  11. [lubuntu] Re: Recommend avi video trimmer for Lubuntu 20.04 ?

    yes. I agree with jp734. The new kdenlive 20.04.0 is cool.
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    Re: Slideshow movie of pictures

    I think the new Kdenlive now will be fit to your needs. It is easy to manipulate. It will help a lot.
  13. Re: Is a BS in computer engineering capable of protecting himself from hacks?

    Yes it is uRock. I agree with you. It is how you master the crafting not just talking and talk. Sometimes it has to be done not by just talking you must have to craft it.
  14. Re: Is a BS in computer engineering capable of protecting himself from hacks?

    Computer Engineering here in Phil is more on hardware design, implementation, robotic and etc. Its hardware and software interfacing, not more on software's. Their study is a static unlike in...
  15. Thread: Phone Sytem??

    by mIk3_08

    Re: Phone Sytem??

    How about Google Fi does it fits to your needs, have you encountered this google fi thing?
  16. Re: Recommendations sought for salvaging hard drives

    You can also try hdd/ssd sata disk enclosure if you have one. It might help. But you must need to know that the drive shows up in BIOS.
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    Re: Installation from USB problem

    Click Here. It might help.
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    [SOLVED] Re: [18.04] Remove Livepatch Icon

    You ca try this steps:

    Run dconf-editor.
    Go to Ubuntu update-notifier.
    Turn OFF show-livepatch-status-icon

    or run terminal
  19. Re: Need help to installing Ubuntu without losing Windows 10 Data

    I agree with SeijiSensei. disconnect the drive.
  20. Re: Need help to installing Ubuntu without losing Windows 10 Data

    Yes, you can fully change the O.S of that C: drive. just be careful when you reach this stage:
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

    1. Ubuntu 18.04.4 Bionic Beaver LTS x86_64 (Unity Desktop)
    2. HP
    3. EliteBook 745 G2

    Thanks... All the hardware working properly.
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    Re: Kernel 5.8 RC (Release Canidate) series

    Wow. This is really big. Click here for more info.
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    Re: dumb,dumber,dumbest

    same here. the far I go with exploration the more dumber I am. But its cool to be more dumb now. I just feel like home.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Looking for a good Music Player for Ubuntu 20.04

    vlc is okay for me.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Brother printer keep pausing

    Try to check maybe the paper just get stuck or having some jam paper but not totally detected by printer. Just may be.
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