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  1. [ubuntu] Re: X Screen Position on External Monitor - xrandr

    I unfortunately bought one of these apparently Win32only monitors. On a Microsoft Answers thread a responder advised to hold down the power button for approximately five (5) secs or till a...
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    [kubuntu] error with 4shared desktop related to groovy

    just today i tried out desktop4shared 1.3_1 deb pkg on raring.:| the only different thing i did was search thru "muon" for groovy.:-k i decided to install
    libgroovy1.7.2-java in addition to the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Linux kernel 3.8.8

    This came in handy. Thanks!:D
  4. Re: OpenOffice 4.0 Lotus Symphony GUI vs LibreOffice

    lotus symphony UI is OK, going by the screenshots on the IBM site. Would like to see that as an option.
  5. Re: Guide how to change WPS Office for Linux(Kingsoft Office Chinese ver.) to English

    Thanks! wish there was an amd64 build.
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