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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Broadcom BCM 4311 network unclaimed, no wireless

    Thank you both for your help, I'm typing this through the wireless right now. Working perfectly.
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Broadcom BCM 4311 network unclaimed, no wireless

    Yes, sorry, I upgraded to 11.04. I ran and got

    I'm assuming you meant grep in that code.

    Wired ethernet works great, just inconvenient.
  3. [SOLVED] Broadcom BCM 4311 network unclaimed, no wireless

    I've got a Broadcom 4311 card and since upgrading I can't connect to wireless. I went through the solutions in the sticky and I still can't connect, when I type lshw -C network I get:

    When I...
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    [ubuntu] Sound and video aren't syncing up in VLC

    For some reason when I'm playing video in VLC the sound and video don't sync up, right now I've got a video playing with a -650ms gap. They do sync up in other applications for the same video, and...
  5. [ubuntu] Evolution "Add Date and Time" not working

    I'm trying to change the date/time set up in the indicator applet of my 11.04 Classic desktop but when I go to change it by clicking "Time and Date Settings" in the dropdown nothing happens. That is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Calorie counting software?

    I did both, there isn't anything in synaptic, and google just led me to cron-o-meter
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    [ubuntu] Calorie counting software?

    I was wondering if there was any calorie counting software for Ubuntu. Searching turned up Cron-o-meter, but it's not really made for Ubuntu so it needs to be tweaked to install it, plus it's from...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Check to see if backup backed everything up

    I just copied and pasted everything from my home folder over to the external hard drive
  9. [ubuntu] Check to see if backup backed everything up

    I'm looking to do a clean reformat/install of Ubuntu after years of screwing around inside Ubuntu and generally messing things up. I've backed everything (entire home folder, including hidden...
  10. [ubuntu] Started freezing up after upgrade to 11.04

    After I upgraded to 11.04 Ubuntu started freezing up pretty often. It usually happens when I'm watching video in VLC and using firefox, but it also happens many other times in different situations. ...
  11. [ubuntu] Dual Monitors stop working after upgrade to 11.04

    After upgrading to 11.04 my dual monitors stopped working. I've switched to classic Ubuntu because Unity wasn't really my cup of tea, and when I try my monitors to get two separate displays (instead...
  12. [ubuntu] Converting a bunch of self extracting .exe documents to .pdf or something

    There's a huge collection of documents published by NGOs and international governments available for download at but for some reason they are all self extracting .exes which convert to html...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Archiving many(>100000) files into a single file via cli

    Thanks for the help, turtle153's command did the trick, they're nicely zipped up and it's being uploaded to the server now. Gmargo I used zip because I knew for sure it would work on my server, I'm...
  14. [ubuntu] Archiving many(>100000) files into a single file via cli

    I'm trying to zip or rar >100000 files into a single file so that I can upload it to my server much faster than ftp downloaded it. Total they're all only 4gb, but because of the number of files...
  15. [ubuntu] ssh consistently times out midtask on VPS

    I've got an Ubuntu VPS set up with 10.04 and I just re-installed the OS yesterday. Despite what I'm guessing is a clean install the ssh connection consistently times out while I'm doing some basic...
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    [ubuntu] Background covered by menu panels

    I noticed after switching backgrounds that my desktop background goes straight to the top and bottom of the screen, and is covered by the menu bars. Anything I can do to change this? The background...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Changing the default bittorrent client in Firefox

    Thanks punkideas it worked.

    And I have quite a few different .torrents set up in the same folder that I only activate sporadically, so your idea wouldn't really work for me ninjapirate, thanks for...
  18. [ubuntu] Changing the default bittorrent client in Firefox

    I've got both Deluge and Vuze installed on my box and the default in Gnome is set to Deluge which is what I want, but in Firefox the default is set to Vuze so when I download a torrent file and open...
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    [ubuntu] No asoundrc file?

    I'm trying to install RosettaStone 3.3 but I can't get it to recognize my microphone. Apparently it's a common problem judging by this thread:...
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    [ubuntu] Can't start lighttpd

    So I've got a VPS and discovered this morning that lighttpd wasn't working, I tried to restart it but I get the error message "can't bind to port: 80 address already in use." When I look at what's...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Interval Timer for Exercising

    I was looking for something similar and came across this, it seems to be what you're seeking.
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    [ubuntu] Rhythmbox changed behavior after upgrade

    So before I updated to 10.04 I could just click the rhythmbox icon to open or close the main window, now that I've upgraded I have to click the icon then go down to "show Rhythmbox", and to get rid...
  23. [ubuntu] A sequence of symbols shows up occasionally instead of a "?"

    So I'll try to type this out but when searching the forums or google this automatically turns into a question mark, which is kind of unusual, but sometimes in emails or webpages and other things I...
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    Re: Helicopter flying game

    While it technically does work, it doesn't work that well unfortunately and it kind of gets annoying sometimes.
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    Helicopter flying game

    So I'm looking for a game where you can fly around in a helicopter, I understand flightgear has helicopters, but it's too intense. I'm looking for something simple, like Simcopter. Searchandrescue...
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