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  1. [ubuntu] Re: System won't boot with RAM clock above 2400MHz

    For a test that would show you whether it's an issue that's been fixed by newer kernels, trying to boot a 20.10 image would be more indicative than a different flavour of 20.04.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: image of closed program shows on desktop sort of ghost image

    Glad to hear it's working for you now. Of the three things that I thought of as likely culprits that might cause that symptom, you're still using the same driver and the same application framework...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: System won't boot with RAM clock above 2400MHz

    If it's on the QVL but doesn't actually work at the speed it's supposed to, I would return it as faulty.

    It wouldn't be a Linux issue as such, since it's hardware doing hardware things, but...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: System won't boot with RAM clock above 2400MHz

    The strict answer is that only the default speed is actually within specification, and only particular modules that are on the QVL have been tested to work when overclocked.

    However, loosening the...
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    Re: kernel update and nvidia

    The issue is that the GPL covers derivative code: code that's derived from GPL code must be GPL'd. That's pretty much the point of the GPL. Nvidia (and others) don't want their code to be GPL'd, but...
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    [all variants] Re: Last update broke graphics

    Yep, that is a symptom of not having the Nvidia driver properly installed. The nouveau driver struggles to set the resolution correctly: you can use the nomodeset kernel parameter as a temporary...
  7. Re: AMD 5500XT (Navi/RDNA) GPU support in Ubuntu 20.04?

    I don't use AMD graphics but, if it does turn out that you need newer stuff than what's currently available in an LTS Ubuntu release, you can get newer versions of the kernel from the mainline...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: image of closed program shows on desktop sort of ghost image

    What's causing it is that the framebuffer - the region of memory used for storing the image for that part of the display - isn't being cleared when you exit the application. I couldn't tell you...
  9. Re: Why is wireless network hardware especially hit and miss with Linux?

    The notable exception in this case being Intel.

    The few other companies that make WiFi chips (Qualcomm, Broadcom, Realtek, Killer as was) a Linux, but we sometimes get a chip that benefits from...
  10. [UbuntuGnome] Re: How to color calibrate(Set RGB value and color saturation) on Ubuntu

    There are a bunch of utilities for setting the gamma of the individual colour channels if you want to just do it by eye, but your best bet would be to load a colour profile (ICD file) for that...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Are the packages 'timidity' and 'fluid-soundfont-gm' important?

    They're for playing MIDI sounds. Timidity allows you to use MIDI without a hardware synthesiser, and the other is a (one of many possibilities) sound font to say which sounds should be played for...
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    Re: Advice on Purchase of a Laptop

    Quite the opposite, actually. The fat ones have room for access hatches, significantly thicker replaceable modules, and fatter batteries so they're less reliant on squeezing the last bits of power....
  13. Re: Why doesn't nvidia upload drivers for all kernels released by ubuntu for signing?

    If you don't use DKMS, the driver breaks on kernel upgrades. That was a problem in the early days of Ubuntu.

    If you get your driver from Ubuntu's repositories, Canonical can sign it. If you get it...
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    Re: Rocket League on Epic Games

    If you aren't using Steam/Proton, the next easiest is Lutris.

    You can also add non-Steam games to Steam and use Proton that way.
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    Re: Advice on Purchase of a Laptop

    If the machine you're putting them in is capable of dual-channel access then using two modules is twice as fast, since they can be accessed in parallel.

    There's not really such a thing as "too...
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    Re: Advice on Purchase of a Laptop

    Yep, definitely a lot to like there. Should do you fine.
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    Re: Advice on Purchase of a Laptop

    I would avoid any laptop with Nvidia graphics. Optimus is entirely a pain. Onboard graphics from Intel or AMD will be fine, and much better than what you're using currently.

    Dell, Lenovo, HP,...
  18. Re: Building PC-web,video stream,office-need recommendations

    Using an SSD is the single best bang-for-the-buck responsiveness improvement you can get for a computer.


    Since 2010. They became part of the CPU chip, rather than the CPU package, with...
  19. Re: Noob question regarding the 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS upgrade.

    It's the same as your normal regular upgrades, but it's upgrading every single package that you've got installed all at once.

    A fresh install and restoring your data from a backup is likely (quite...
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    Re: What is your opinion on Snaps?

    You need to set the removable-media permission to allow the snap access to removable media. You can do it in the Snap Store or with the snap command. Already covered in the previously-linked thread.
  21. Re: Building PC-web,video stream,office-need recommendations

    An option that you or your wife might not be aware of, which is quite a way from a huge ATX case, is the Intel NUC. They are very cute, and Ubuntu is a supported OS so everything works without any...
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    Re: Ubuntu Compatible Used Desktops?

    The make doesn't matter - it's not like you're going to be getting support - it's what the components are that's important.

    "Value-added" deviations from specifications are the things that cause...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Keyboard caps lock issue

    I have seen that symptom (independently of OS) when the system is under massive load. Could that be the case here?
  24. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Should I move to an HWE kernel from a General Availability kernel?

    The non-HWE kernel, from when 18.04 was released, is 4.15. The HWE kernel is 5.4; new installs from 18.04.2 onwards were put on the HWE kernel by default.

    The default, when a new kernel package is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unzipping large file

    So, a couple of things: case is important, which you probably already know. / is a directory (the root directory of the filesystem tree), so /scott would be a subdirectory of that root directory;...
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