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  1. Re: How to Recover After a Failed juju or conjure-up deploy

    What is the output of juju status?
  2. [server] Re: Deoloying Canonical Openstack (Queens) with TLS endpoint encryption using Juju

    Juju will not automatically configure TLS you will have to configure it but there is plenty of documentation directly on OpenStacks website:...
  3. Re: booting slowly after installation of docker

    Your attempting to do nested virtualization. You definitely need to make sure that you have enough resources for consumption when doing this.
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    Re: Kubernetes installation problem

    What is your storage setup as on lxc?
    I went through the entire process to find nodes sitting on a waiting status until I changed the storage pool to a dir format.

    There is an issue: ...
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    [server] Re: How to expand single-node Openstack

    If you installed the snap I don't see it being possible to expand.
    But if you installed it using juju your can...
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    Re: Are you supposed to removed cloud-init

    Technically you could remove them and it wont cause an issue but those files are used for troubleshooting.
    Here is a snipit from the cloudinit docs.

    Where are the data files? Inside the...
  7. [lubuntu] Re: Testing and education setup -- Need help for k8s.

    So, I own an Antsle and its extremely difficult to run containers on their machine. It is possible to run docker without an issue but you are running it on the base operating system of Antsle. ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Newbie - help to remove links in Files

    Anything in your /media folder is generally a disk attached to your computer. If you want to remove files on a disk or external drive attached you will have to mount it somewhere.
    Open up the...
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