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  1. Re: what are your thoughts on Linux Gaming, Ubuntu Community?

    I think steam, Valve are going in the right direction
  2. Re: Suggestions for a new Laptop which can run new games

    For gaming i recommend a laptop with an AMD processor and AMD video card
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Which of these eSport games works on Ubuntu?

    Dota 2 definitely works on ubuntu
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I can not completely switch to Linux for a number of reasons.
    1. MS office Linux analogues are sooooo damp
    2. There is no " agent" at all
    3. Dota does not work, the wine is buggy

    I use...
  5. Re: How to develop Ubuntu apps for beginners?

    In the beginning, language is not so important as the ability to build algorithms, logical thinking, the ability to use Google.
    In many languages, you can develop programs for linux,
    but which one...
  6. Re: What exactly do you do with your computer at home ?

    watch latest world news
    check traffic stats
    earn money
    watch youtube, movie, clips
    read books
    play game
    listen to music and so on
  7. Re: Antivirus and Antimalware for Linux/Ubuntu?

    i dont think you need antivirus for linux based OS
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    Re: Creat folders and copy file inside them

    hi, if php installed on your system then you can create index.php file with code above, insert your path to photo directory and execute with command php index.php

    $dirs =...
  9. Re: How many use a wireless mouse and keyboard?

    I have two mice. g502 and roccat kone
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    Re: Things that you dislike in Ubuntu

    the most annoying thing is mouse acceleration
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