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  1. Re: After recent updates display and wi-fi is lost

    why people assume all models are the same is beyond me. even when companies offer you to configure the model yourself, they would still say i have gazelle or XPS or whatever.

    the model you posted...
  2. Re: What version (bit) do I need? 32 or 64?

    32 bit used to also be recommended for quite some time.
    you can install 64 bit OS because the CPu is 64 bit.
    however, just installing 64 bit will likely not help with freezing and black screens.
  3. Re: Problems with keys while trying to install Wine

    there is also wine developer version in repositories.

    i found that wine-staging is usually enough, unless you have some special cases or you would like to test it or develop it.
  4. Re: Consoles vs. PC - Comparison Discussion

    i thought Assassins creed Odyssey was the demo game for Stadia.

    i am sure they will add more games through time. it might still be an interesting option if it works well. for example we have 1...
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    Re: Nvidia buys ARM

    as i understand it could stil be blocked. I am not sure it is a good idea to sell it to nvidia. it should remain "neutral".

    on the other hand there are other more opensource alternatives that...
  6. Re: Easiest way to install Minecraft in Kubuntu 20.04

    the easiest way is to automount at boot:

    this will however, give them access to all NTFS drive.

    if you used linux...
  7. Re: Troubleshooting Steam network connection error?

    yes, that could be it. Previous IP was abused (not necessary, by the IP holder). that's why it worked via VPN.

    many here use dynamic IP, but they actually keep same IP. i made a deal with provider...
  8. Re: Consoles vs. PC - Comparison Discussion

    speaking of downloads - there is also cloud gaming. apparently GeForceNow works out of the box on Linux and for 5.50 EUR a month you can get 60FPS at 1080p ray tracing and all that via...
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    Re: Access Denied error in Ubuntu 20.04

    @TheFu it's probably nothing personal, but due to automation.

    and yes there is more and more ad-hoc control over internet as well as organised attempt to control information flow to the masses.....
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    [ubuntu] Re: I upgraded my system to 16.04

    you can use the option to overwrite (not format) but that might leave issues as well. that is what happened to me when i tried to push Kubutnu 14.04 to 16.04. it had a major upgrade bug (basically it...
  11. Re: New User, desperatly need help, nothing works

    POP_OS! adds some patches to kernel and some modifications. how secure and stable are those patches, only poeple thta made them know. they also offer support for them.

    a user here had similar...
  12. Re: Easiest way to install Minecraft in Kubuntu 20.04

    well that explains my problem. suddenly nothing past 1.14.3 ran.
  13. Re: Consoles vs. PC - Comparison Discussion

    a bunch of hacks :)

    plus they only work on single hardware and can tailor the OS to it. in addition the volume of sales and manufacturing pushes the price down.

    PC graphics will always be...
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    Re: GPU and power usage

    APU chips are quite good these days. sure not as good as latest GPU, but still if you look at the power consumed... i mean they ran Crysis on Ryzen 4000 and took the fan off the CPU. that says a lot....
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Error when launching Zandronum (doom source port)

    they also have version 3.1. you could try that if they managed to fix the issues you have.

    and doomsday engine? have you tried that? i added 3D models; openGL, added some special effects, weapon...
  16. Re: Easiest way to install Minecraft in Kubuntu 20.04

    isn't open JDK installed by default?

    installing minecraft on Ubuntu:

    if you need oracle java it get's more...
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    [ubuntu] Re: AMD GPU Installation

    the only thing is that performance is getting better with time as they improve the driver. might never be as good as in windows, but if it gets close... on xorg site you can see what things are still...
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    [server] Re: Converting desktop into server

    and that's nothing. error in Steam caused error log to fill up the home folder that is 950 GB in size (ok about 600 GB is still free) in 5 hours. so that's over 100 GB per hour. and no one noticed...
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    [ubuntu] Re: AMD GPU Installation

    you need to manually switch the card using prime command (DRI_PRIME=1):
    read more here (Arch Linux is a different distribution but their docs are often very good):...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Can't boot Ubuntu 18.04 from external hard drive.

    Partition Wizzard Mini Tool works well. i used it. but backup first, just in case planets are not properly aligned when you are doing it. :) seriously, backup data before any disk or file system...
  21. Re: Consoles vs. PC - Comparison Discussion

    LOL nice analysis.
    actually TV has 4K and 8K now but still they are looked at from far away (usually) and most are still likely HD and big. Also consoles might only use 4K for games.
  22. Re: Troubleshooting Steam network connection error?

    then the issue is not steam, but the network configuration. somehow you had it configured that it has to connect via VPN. i am not sure how exactly that works. i do know i can't access some sites...
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    Re: GPU and power usage

    "it's generating too much heat. "put more fans on it." :)

    i used to have fanless cards for quite some time. and if i remember correctly most were fanless. even the good ones.
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    [kubuntu] Re: How to set swap priority?

    bit by bit copy will make them bootable as they are both exactly the same. imaging is another matter. although i have to admit i haven't tried it yet on UEFI boot. otherwise it might be easier fresh...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: How do I record online school lectures?

    if videos use flash or html 5 and if they are saved on website, they might be able to be downloaded using download helper plugin in in firefox. you just select the plugin icon and then download the...
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