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    Re: Naming Ubuntu 16.10?

    I agree, I'm hoping that Yakkity Yak will be the official codename for the next release as I find it pretty funny overall. Never knew that people had already suggested name ideas for versions that...
  2. Re: Question for LTS users - will you be upgrading to 16.04?

    I will more than likely move from the 14.04 LTS to 16.04 for the various reasons mentioned inside of this topic (LTS HWE for example). I more than likely will just do a clean install compared to an...
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    Re: Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 8

    The only reason that they removed mainstream support for Windows 8 is due to the fact that 8.1 is considered a service pack in their eyes (even going to the lifecycle page on Microsoft's official...
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    Re: Computer Scam

    I've seen many people fall for this scam sadly, and it's even worse when they then try to correct themselves and the people still fall into their trap. Only thing to do is to report the number and/or...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: I started to install ubuntu on windoes 8 and had problems so i cancled the instal

    Do you recall at what stage you stopped the installation? Also as 2F4U said, did you try to do Wubi or to dual boot Ubuntu along with Windows?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Microsoft Expression Web Replacement

    For HTML you can always just use notepad++ or something similar, for python you can check out this website for all the IDEs:
  7. [ubuntu] Re: after updating to ubuntu 12.04 LTS my linux system will not recognize canon print

    Have you made sure to also update/re-install any device drivers? Just because you have upgrading all of the software and the core system doesn't always mean that it has updated the drivers to reflect...
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    [gnome] Re: Problem with Gnome 3.8

    When does it lag the most? Is it when you are opening an application, removing one, basically what is making it lag that you see a pattern in (if any)?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Software Center

    Are you just clicking on it once or double clicking? Sometimes you may think you clicked on it but you just "tabbed" it to-say.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Software Centre

    If anything just running "sudo apt-get update" should fix these errors, if it doesn't then check your source.list file to make sure that nothing is wrong with it since that could also be the issue as...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Running Windows and Office XP on Ubuntu LTSP (Revisted)

    I'd suggest that next time you just message the user or post in their thread since creating multiple threads to answer a thread is pointless basically.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu freezes

    When did you notice this happening (after an update, installed application, or is this a fresh system)?
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    Re: Firefox 20.0

    Are you fully made sure that your computer is connected to the internet? If anything it might be a problem with your speeds and FireFox is set to handle a higher speed (and therefore then thinks it's...
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    Re: Fix windows xp bsod with ubuntu

    You can always make a CD from your manufacturer of your computer (since most-all have them online) that will basically re-install Windows XP for you to fix that issue. Have you also tried and looking...
  15. Re: Dell Inspiron 15R M5010 AMD Triple Core won't run Ubuntu

    Can you explain what won't run exactly? Such as the install not working fully, or it freezing, displaying an error message/code, or something else since your question is rather long and gives no real...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is this possible?

    It depends on if you delete the partitions, if you did then it also depends on if there is a "ghost" drive on your notebook. If there is no "ghost" drive with the Windows 7 recovery located on it,...
  17. [other] Re: Openssl self signed certificates gets the “valid from date” with timezone UTC off

    Have you made sure that your system clock is in sync with time servers by chance? That might be your problem, or that your system is somehow using the wrong time due to it not updating.
  18. [lubuntu] Re: firefox nightly takes a long time to open new page.

    More than likely it's due to the fact that you are using the testing version of FireFox rather than the stable version (so something might not fully work or take longer in the testing build since it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: updating issues

    You should just upgrade rather then do a clean install so that you don't have to re-install everything that you want, and also save and then re-import all of your files and documents that you would...
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    [ubuntu] Re: install OpenSSL

    Since you are installing a webserver and wanting SSL, I'd suggest looking at this guide for how to configure and install OpenSSL to fit your needs.
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    [kubuntu] Re: Should i upgrade the X server ?

    Are you talking about upgrading it manually or having the package manager update it (such as when Kubuntu will say that you have updates)?
    If you do update it then you will more than likely have to...
  22. Thread: New here

    by KnownSyntax

    [ubuntu] Re: New here

    Welcome to the forums! Hopefully whenever you have any issues you will create a thread here and get all of the help that you need.
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Trouble running (or installing?) a program

    Depending on what the application does, it may just be loading something and then either freeze (or run) and not return you back to the normal "chris@ubuntu:~$" text that you are used to seeing. I...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.10 shows no launcher or menu

    Do you mean that nothing shows up on screen, or that you only have access to the terminal when you boot up Ubuntu on your Dell?
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    Re: What do you use your Ubuntu for!?

    I use it for my server since my friends and coworkers don't want to use anything else (probably because of the LTS release that Ubuntu Server has). Besides that, it's really all I use it for. I've...
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