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  1. [other] Re: test computer wont say on for more than 30 secs

    Could be somebody tried re-flashing the BIOS and got it wrong...
    Try finding a current BIOS version for your machine and re-flashing. Sounds like you don't have much to lose.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Which Bluetooth dongle works?


    I live in the U.K.

    Bought a Trust bluetooth dongle in Asda, in the vague hope it would work.

    It works perfectly out of the box...
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    [gnome] Re: How To Change File-Type (mimetype) Icons

    Hmm - I haven't tried to add a new icon for a new extension, although I have a feeling it's a bit more complicated than just adding a new icon - you'd have to create the rule under which that icon is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: cpu frequency governor crashes laptop

    Ok - all I did on my laptop (ZD7035)was:
    1) Add p4_clockmod into /etc/modules
    2) Remove (permanently) powernowd - it's only for AMD processors.
    3) Add the applet gnome-applets to a panel (for freq...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Thunderbird: Gmail can't send email; just continues to ask for password

    Ok - sorted it.

    Problem was I was using *** in the username box instead of *** :oops:
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Thunderbird: Gmail can't send email; just continues to ask for password

    Could someone be more specific - how does the outgoing username differ from the incoming?

    I'm using Gmail with POP - can read emails fine but can't send any!!!

    Many thanks
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    [gnome] Re: How To Change File-Type (mimetype) Icons

    Thanks - my deliberate mistake has now been corrected!

    Well noticed :wink:
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    [ubuntu] Re: CD/DVD Burning Issues

    Couple of possibilities:

    1. Have you changed your make / brand of media? The DVD burner in my laptop is pretty fussy about the media - it likes Tesco's own but doesn't like Sony!!!

    2. This one...
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    [kubuntu] Re: IE7 on Hardy Heron

    Struggled with this one for a while. Ies4linux is probably the closest anyone's got to having IE7 working on linux, but even there, there's a whole load of if's and but's.

    I eventually "solved" it...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Blurred fonts on Ubuntu comparing to Windows

    That's odd - looking at your screenshots, I would have said that the Vista fonts were more blurred than the Ubuntu ones :-k

    Must be my eyes....
  11. [ubuntu] Icons for files attached to mail are missing

    This is a tricky one.

    I have Evolution installed (as default Hardy install).
    In Inbox, when I look at mail with attached files, only MS-Word attachments have the correct icon displayed....
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    Re: How to install fonts in Ubuntu?

    There's 2 easy ways to install fonts.

    1. Create a new folder in your home folder called .fonts
    (the . will hide it from normal view)
    Copy all your .ttf fonts in here.
    Open a...
  13. Re: HOWTO: Change icon for specific file types in Gnome

    I figured it out!!!

    Check out the How-To here:
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    [gnome] Re: Changing individual icons

    Check out the How-To here:
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    Re: *.jar mimetype for icon-theme

    Right-click on a .jar file, look for MIME type info.

    Check out the How-To:
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    [gnome] How To Change File-Type (mimetype) Icons

    How To Change File-Type (mimetype) Icons

    This how-to is based on wanting to change icons which have been downloaded from Gnome-look or some other source. As an example, I'll show how to change the...
  17. [gnome] Re: How do I change file type icons?

    Fantastic! - thanks very much, that did the trick.

    I'm going to post a short How-to on how to do this so others don't have to waste a week of life trying to do something which is actually very...
  18. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Create new document - Templates problem

    Have been trying to sort sort out the Create new document thingy in the Gnome context menu by creating a Templates directory and saving some blank documents in there.
    However, it still doesn't work....
  19. [gnome] Re: How do I change file type icons?

    Yep - tried that too, no success.

    Definitely right theme, right iconset.

    It's a fresh Hardy install using the "alternative" CD - cos I wanted to encrypt my hard drive.
    I've also installed the...
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    [gnome] Re: default icons

    I believe that Gnome uses an order of preference system. It uses icons located in /usr/share/icons unless user-specific icons are installed in ~/.icons
  21. [gnome] Re: How do I change file type icons?

    I've tried that but with no success.
    I have several icon sets I've downloaded from gnome-look and they're installed in .icons.
    I wanted to change the icon for .doc files. I found all the icons in...
  22. [gnome] [SOLVED] How do I change file type icons?

    How do I change file type (mime type) icons in Gnome?

    Many thanks!!
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    [ubuntu] Re: Duel Screen

    I have Radeon mobility 9000 in my laptop. Install Urandr - works a treat!:)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Thinkpad T61 Dual Monitor support

    Have you tried urandr? It works with both Intel and ATI graphics chips. Takes all the hard work out of using external screens and projectors with laptops!
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    Re: batch resolution change of jpegs

    Google for nautilus scripts - one of them does re-sizing of multiple images. Then you just right-click, scripts, re-size images, bang in the size you want and you're all done!
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