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  1. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 3 monitor (laptop, HDMI, VGA) issue (intel)

    I forget the technical term, but essentially even though it has 3 ports, it is only capable of driving 2 of them at any one time. 99.9% sure you are out of luck.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Imaging From One to Many

    Alright, so after poking around the system it seems like tar might actually be the issue. I used the 'p' flag with tar but there was a mismatch between the numeric IDs of the files and the IDs in...
  3. [other] Re: Want to dual-boot windows and ubuntu, but windows will not recognize hard drive

    Are these SATA or SCSI drives? Are you getting to the point where it shows you the current partitions, or is it reporting that there are no compatible disk drives in the system?

    It sounds like...
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    [ubuntu] Imaging From One to Many

    Alright, so normally when a new release drops I install all the packages I want, change the UUIDs to LABELs in fstab and grub, create a tar file and push it out to a bunch of machines. I have done...
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