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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Airdrop Equivalent?

    Airdrop is unlike Dropbox or FTP in that it creates an ad-hoc wireless network for direct point to point transfer. A router / access point / dhcp server is not necessary.

    There's an open airdrop...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Suspend, ubuntu 12.04 Sony Vaio VGN-NW120J

    same problem with Sony Vaio, VGN-CS110E, Ubuntu 12.04. Resuming from suspend (closed laptop lid) causes keyboard to go non-responsive. acpi_sleep=nonvs grub paramater has no effect.

    syslog is...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: nvidia driver 96 doesn't work with Geforce4 MX-4000

    mx-4000 is still being manufactured and sold in the U.S. and other countries. NVIDIA at least is trying to support Linux. Ubuntu used to support this card and now it doesn't, which means ubuntu has...
  4. Re: No Sound in KPatience running in Gnome

    Recovering Windows Addict: "Can I play all my games in Linux?"
    Ubuntu Evangelist: There are free clones of the games you like, and a Windows emulator for playing the originals."
    RWA:"But can I play...
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    Poll: Re: Symphony 3.0 vs OpenOffice 3.1

    Outlaws rule the west. and Larry Ellison collects samurai swords. He's got an awful lot of them; i wonder if he is compensating for something?

    what the heck are the university computer science...
  6. Re: Remastersys Guide - Create Your Own Ubuntu-based Distro

    greetings y'all,

    i'm trying to copy my 10.04 minimal install (mini.iso) to a live cd. i don't want to install x on the livecd! Is it possible to use remastersys to create a livecd without x11?
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    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu netbook remix

    Is there any reason why the USB image isn't available for download?

    It seems a little silly that the netbook remix is only available as an ISO, seeing as most netbooks don't have cd-roms...
  8. [kubuntu] Re: can coursecompass and ubuntu be friends?

    Who cares? Not Pearson. Those jerks own half the textbook publishers in the world. If I don't give them money, then there is NO WAY for me to complete homework or quizzes for my class, thus i fail...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Web Development

    Right now on Ubuntu i've got Virtualbox running several different debian LAMP instances. each vbox guest is running joomla with joomlapack and has its own seperate hostname and sql database. this...
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    [ubuntu] Re: It will not boot!! ubuntu 9.10

    i've got a similar problem, and i've been using linux for a while.

    I ran the full install, my machine reboots, and GRUB just sits there. I hear no motion from my hard disk. The install process...
  11. Re: New wallpaper what do you think ? (WARNING Large Image)

    The colors and pattern are amazing, but it sort of looks off-balance to me. If there were some subtle downward motion from above it would have that yin-yang feeling, which helps people focus ;)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Configuration Epson Workforce 600

    this works on hardy heron! thats a great link and these are some mighty precious debs. i'm hanging on to these. thanks!
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I haven't used Windows or OS X for anything important in 6 years (except in one case i needed a windows 2003 server on a vm to run .net software).

    This isn't to say I've stuck with Ubuntu this...
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    [ubuntu] Re: sound not working after upgrade to 9.04

    I downgraded to hardy and the sound is still funky! Sound worked just fine in Gutsy, I recall. What the heck happened? Maybe Ubuntu needs to slow down their release schedule.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Audio works fine, but then just stops after some time

    Darn it, same here! Happened when i was on the radio, too. fortunately this is a new hardy installation and i had a back up CD to play while i rebooted).

    Tried it on a couple kernels.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Fairytales of a Jackalope who was quite Jaunty

    That's not the way it should be. That's why there are different classes of updates. That's why there are alpha and beta, and release candidate versions. Users should be encouraged to install...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Getting rid of this and back to xp?

    I've got an Intel ICH7 card and i've always had to do a little hacky-hacky to get my sound working.

    in the terminal:

    sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

    and then add the following line to...
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    [all variants] Re: cecilia won't launch

    I'm having the exact same issue and I'm using Hardy. Cecilia starts the "wish" process and then hangs.

    apt-cache policy cecilia
    Installed: 2.0.5-2ubuntu5.1
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    Re: What to do to get women into Linux

    Chicks dig Adobe software.

    seriously. I can't get any of my girlfriends hooked on Linux because they all use Flash or Premiere or Indesign or something.
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    Poll: Re: Linux Desktop Readiness Thread

    It's desperately important that commercial software and hardware runs on it. Oftentimes, commercial software is cutting edge. I love my linux laptop but i can't make Flash cartoons, I can't run my...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No Sound in 9.04

    This might work for you. I have had a similar problem with my Intel 82801 ICH7 audio. I've been having this problem since Dapper Drake and now I'm running Intrepid Ibex.

    Open a terminal and...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: No sound on eee pc 1000 (linux) after ubuntu jaunty install

    same problem on my 80821G ich7 rev 02 audio controller, no sound. the "options snd-hda-intel model=3stack" trick doesn't work like it did with past kernel versions.

    I'm upgrading...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No desktop icons

    gconf-editor /apps/nautilus/desktop/volumes_visible and unticking Volumes Visible did the trick.

    This is a great workaround that solved the problem almost instantly. I didn't even need to reboot...
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    Re: Web Design With Ubuntu.

    Here's why I am pulling my hair out trying to get qflash or f4l to work: In flash, a LOT more is possible than with css/html. it's nice to escape the realm of tables, rows and rectangles, every now...
  25. Mobile phone unlocking, firmware tools? big picture?


    In many circumstances, unlocking phones is perfectly legal. Many phones are linux-ready. Mobile phone unlocking and firmware tools may pave the way for a mobile phone based ubuntu!:guitar:
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