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    Re: Which Office Suite do you use?

    I try to consciously choose to use LibreOffice whenever I can, but Google Docs is immeasurably more convenient, considering how much easier it is to share a document with a large group of people...
  2. Poll: Re: If you add to choose between learning GCC or PYTHON?

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    Re: Iran has a new youtube like site

    That's fine; my goal certainly isn't to offend anyone's sensibilities. Let's just take it from a user freedom approach rather than a political one. ;)
  4. Re: Now that the Unity hate has cooled down, how do you feel about the WM?

    I actually really like the direction that Unity has taken. I wouldn't have said the same thing 2-3 years ago, but it's gotten so much better.
  5. Re: And now the "real" reason Valve created a Linux client

    I'm actually really happy to see Valve putting their money on Linux. I think their approach with going with the "SteamBox" is actually pretty unique. Instead of just releasing yet another console,...
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    Re: Iran has a new youtube like site

    Honestly, I think this is a very disturbing trend. We're bound to see more of these kind of sites crop up as authoritarian regimes try to block out the Open Web and instead censor and monitor its own...
  7. Re: Firefox to get new default theme and other changes.

    Might have to switch back to Firefox, then. ;)
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    Re: Video Demo

    The art still needs a bit of work, but this is really cool! I think a game like this could totally catch on in the Android Market. :)
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    Re: Amiga X1000 ships

    I dunno, the following specs for a current-gen AmigaOS4.x machine seems like a bargain at 2k.

    PA Semi Dual-core PA6T-1682M, nominal 2.0GHz (1.8GHz standard) PowerISA™ v2.04+ CPU
    "Xena" 500MHz...
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    Re: Premiering the Ubuntu HUD

    I sure hope this is optional. It's a nice idea, and I'm glad to see the designers and developers try a new approach, but I feel like a crotchety old person now. I like my clicky menus, please don't...
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    Re: Moments worth living for

    I wholeheartedly agree. :) My infant brother is just on the verge of talking, so everything that comes out of his mouth is adorable, excited babbling. He'll look up at me, smile, point at something,...
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    Re: Moments worth living for

    My best moment so far was when I got hired on for an internship to a FOSS project that I've loved for a long time. I work with people that I really look up to, and I've made a lot of friends in the...
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    Re: Are AMD Drivers on Ubuntu good?

    My laptop has an ATI Vision Mobility card in it, and I'd just like to say: the FOSS Radeon driver that ships with Oneric with it is fantastic. Unity and Gnome-Shell are both pretty fast in it, and...
  14. Re: seems that linux will have (finally) a decent photo-editor

    Seconded. I can't wait for the single-window-mode version to officially hit stable.
  15. Re: What is your favorite Video Editor for Ubuntu?

    Kdenlive, hands down.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Rounded typefaces

    Comfortaa is a personal favorite of mine. And it's freely available!
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    Re: buy my own domain

    I've used for the past year, and they've been wonderful.
  18. Re: Anyone Going Into The Madness That Is: Black Friday?

    I'm working Black Friday from 4 AM to 3 PM. It. Will. Be. CHAOS.

    I'm lucky that I'm just a stock-boy at Hollister, and not actually a retail worker. Those people are going to have it the worst.
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    Re: Commodore OS

    I've kind of been mad about this ever since I saw them announce it.

    It's bad enough that they yanked the Commadore brands away from the actual people that are making real Amigas anymore, Hyperion...
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    Re: Nifty November Screenshots

    My lappy. I wanted to work with a lighter system, so I set up Fluxbox and Conky.
  21. Re: Why is companies using windows is secuity not a priority

    nec207, I don't understand your argument at all.

    First, you criticize Windows for not being secure enough by default. Later, you criticize them for taking similar measures to security that Mac OSX...
  22. Re: Diaspora to hit beta sometime within next 30 days.

    It's not as simple as all that, unfortunately. While a public API is great, it's more useful for things such as web applications and applications that leverage the web. This in turn requires the use...
  23. Re: Diaspora to hit beta sometime within next 30 days.

    As I've said before, the best way to really understand the project is to dive in yourself and find out about it.

    I have an unlimited number of invites to the main Diaspora pod,,...
  24. Re: Diaspora to hit beta sometime within next 30 days.

    As a daily user of the main Diaspora pod (, I have to say that I'm really excited about the development. The community over there has grown substantially over the past year, and I've...
  25. Re: Sad, sad news about DixieDancer from omns @ #!

    Sad news. :(

    I never knew Robin terribly well, but from the posts I've seen, he was always very polite, and was well-liked by the UF community. It's sad to see him go.

    I had no idea he was...
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