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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Setup Guide: ASUS U36Jc - Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha3 64-bit

    So you are definitively the best!

    I haven't read many guides as clear as yours.
    It seems very clear and complete to me, and I am so happy that a linux user like you got this model so soon. (I am...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: slight, irritating problems with horizontal lines in video

    Thank you very much mc4man, that works perfectly!

    I really don't think that xkcd creator is "from the Windows world".

    Maybe you (and every unix user) should take a look...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Files .aud in my home folder

    I have already done it...the filetype is "Unknown (application/octet-stream)"...i'm trying to understand with the last access and last edit dates...
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    [ubuntu] Files .aud in my home folder

    Hello everybody!

    I noticed that some strange files appeared in my home folder: they are named exactly as the folders in my home (Documents, Desktop,...) but with .dat as extension (Documents.dat,...
  5. [all variants] Re: New Firefox 3.5 Browser Blank Email problem

    Thank you very very very much!

    It helped me a lot.

    Really i changed "Shiretoko/3.5.2" with "Firefox/3.5.2", and not "Firefox/3.5.1".
    Do you think it's better or the same?

    P.S: Does someone...
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