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    [ubuntu] Re: 2 finger scrolling disappeared

    I have Ubuntu 11.10 on my MacBook4,1 and it is there on the tab called Touchpad. Are you sure it isn't there?
  2. Re: First MySQL, then OpenOffice, is Java next to be forked?

    In my experience the software I was using that got forked only got better.

    Mambo -> Joomla!
    When Joomla! forked Mambo the first things they did was fix a lot of bugs and design errors which made...
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    [ubuntu] Re: java and smooth fonts

    That's the only thing I don't like about netbeans. I guess we're stuck with java's font rendering engine, instead of the OS one.

    I use slight hinting in Gnome and there is no setting in java that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't ping local FQDN's

    Does anyone have a solution that doesn't break avahi?

    Found a post that explains the problem:

    The problem is the domain.local part

    Anyone have...
  5. [ubuntu] 8.10 apache2 ' is not working anymore

    I used to enable php5 only for pages in my /var/www directory by changing the /etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf to:

    <Directory /var/www>
    <IfModule mod_php5.c>
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    Poll: Re: Who owns an iPod?

    I would buy an iPod right away if it supported OGG by default.
  7. Re: HowTo: Set language locales from UTF-8 to ISO-8859_1

    It seems when you install the package localeconf, you do get the config dialogs with:

    dpkg-reconfigure locales

    Still couldn't get any ISO-8859-1 locales. Are those not included anymore in...
  8. Re: StarQuake.......sounds like an ID software Tag.

    Just signed on a while ago and couldn't resist to reply :P

    Nope, not ID software. Someone was quite some time earlier.

    You can find more about StarQuake here :...
  9. Re: The Composite Manager Guide: How to Get Vista-ish Effects in (K)(X)Ubuntu.

    I'm running the latest version of the NVIDIA drivers (8756) on an AMD64 but my logout window does not show up. Can It be fixed?

    Also make sure you purged nvidia-glx or it might start complaining...
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    Re: HOWTO: Latest NVIDIA drivers

    Are there any .deb packages available for driver version 8178? That would be great!
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    Re: Gaim 2.0 BETA

    Could someone whip up an ubuntu package for beta2? I'm not yet into debian packaging

    Would be great, beta1 is quiete stable already but I would like to see what's improved.
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