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  1. [xubuntu] Re: audio manipulation software, looking for command line tools in

    Sox often described as the Swiss-knife of audio is the one you want here apart from/or ffmpeg

    sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all
  2. Re: streamlink for bbc broadcasts stopped working again.

    ...just the vagaries of the net AJ .... i remember one time the streams stopped working with mpv and you pointed me to streamlink which worked a treat and thanx again... then that went belly...
  3. Re: You can change fashion and clothing with supreme power. What do you change?

    back to 1966-78 about
    men with hair ....
    forget the 80s ever happened still shiver when i think 'bout it :]
  4. Thread: VHS to USB

    by shantiq

    [ubuntu] Re: VHS to USB

    put together a little howto in recent times on this
  5. Re: streamlink for bbc broadcasts stopped working again.

    AJ Sometimes finding skipping streamlink [the middleman]better altogether
    these work currently for me put them in my .bashrc

    alias BBC1='mpv...
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    Gimp 2.8 autosave [script] howto

    I found Gimp 2.8 shutting down in the middle of work and not autosave as function not available. A python script by yahvuu allows this HUGE drawback to be circumvented

    ➊ copy and save in home...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: souping up a 2005 Packard-Bell PC with AMD 64 Athlon

    so in the end went from ➊ to ➋ [you are limited by the type of card slot so you cannot leap that far ahead without also changing CPU cooler Fan & possibly Power Unit] and although it seems like not...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: souping up a 2005 Packard-Bell PC with AMD 64 Athlon

    Thanx TheFu
    i think i understand these charts
    Those Ryzen chips have high performance it seems
    Thing is i just want to change chip so not sure those would work without also upgrading fan and maybe...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: souping up a 2005 Packard-Bell PC with AMD 64 Athlon

    Thanx crip it does look helpful

    found this overall info article
    found this too

    since there is no specs anywhere i can see based on info here
  10. [SOLVED] Re: souping up a 2005 Packard-Bell PC with AMD 64 Athlon

  11. [SOLVED] souping up a 2005 Packard-Bell PC with AMD 64 Athlon

    ok so I have a 2005 Packard-Bell PC with AMD 64 Athlon
    I have entered all the specs below lspcu and lshw also dmidecode

    I also add photos of chip

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    Re: Soooo ... how many computers do you have?

    ➊ one Packard Bell PC 2005 with new SSD currently runs Slackware
    ➋ one Aspire X PC 2016 i think / runs Ubuntu 18.04 [main machine] 500Gb + 750Gb and 500Gb external HDDs second one in a caddy from...
  13. Thread: Platforms

    by shantiq



    you buy an expensive house and everything is where it should be and you are proud of your new home .... often the builder comes back and tells you the sofa belongs to him and he is...
  14. will the original player please stand up :]

    on the left the native linux xmms skinned up and disguised ... on the right the original winamp under wine ... or the other way round :]
  15. [SOLVED] Re: foobar volume control from wireless keyboard

    and run exactly in the same way for Winamp [there are other versions too knocking around]

    but you will need to install a piece of kit called CLEveR.exe which i install inside the winamp folder...
  16. [SOLVED] foobar volume control from wireless keyboard [also winamp]

    With Ubuntu [and probably other distros too] If you have foobar playing on a computer and a wireless keyboard you use as a handset this is fun >>>

    sudo apt-get install winbind

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    [SOLVED] Watch ITV streams in UK with mpv

    streamlink used to work very well to see ITV and ITV4 but they have changed the way the streams are delivered
    Was trying to play Roland Garros through mpv instead of through a browser ... the...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a lame equivalent program for creating .flac audio files?

    ➊ place your .wav files in a folder
    ➋ open a terminal Install flac {the program} ONLY DO THIS ONCE
    sudo apt install flac
    ➌ cd to the folder where wavs are

    ex: cd Music/mywavfiles
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    [SOLVED] VHS to Ubuntu with ffmpeg

    ====================much of this info came from here===================

    Always thought that digitizing VHS would be an expensive business
    Turns out if you have a VCR in working order and 6/$8 or...
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    Re: Connect iPhone 7 to Ubuntu

    hi there Chester

    this is the way i deal with iphone to ubuntu here

    this is on a 4S but i have no reason to believe it is different on 7

    plz let us know how you fare
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    Re: Compress/flatten audio software


    you can use ffmpeg from command line this way:

    If you have only one audio stream in your video it is very easy >>

    ffmpeg -i input.avi -c:v copy -b:a 64k output.avi
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    [lubuntu] Re: Bad quality video on VLC

    VLC used to be king for video playback .... these days not so much i suggest you install mpv and either play from terminal or gui it is STABLE and will unlikely give you the headaches...
  23. [SOLVED] Add Artist/Title support for video playback on mpv

    This is a follow-up from an earlier thread:

    mpv is an astounding tool but does not natively show Artist and Title when performing video/audio playback, fortunately there is an easy way round >>
  24. [SOLVED] Suspicious position on last track on EAC on new disc

    This is an addendum to earlier thread on EAC under Wine
    and is a common occurrence EVEN ON NEW DISCS puzzling folks all over the planet :)
    Simply check google to see all the articles many of them...
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    Re: Problem with youtube

    NB: a safer way to view YT videos is to play them away from the browser; it always more stable; install mpv or use vlc

    open terminal and enter:

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