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  1. [ubuntu] browse NFS shares from fresh ubuntu install?

    We have a one segment lan with no frills. The always on media center has some NFS shares, some restricted to certain IP addresses. It has two samba shares so the windows maachines can put files in...
  2. [ubuntu] not-show partitions in nautilus/file browser

    This laptop has one hard drive. While I wait for evil laptop manufacturer to send outrageously priced windows recovery disk I installed ubuntu. I shrank the windows parition (fomratting fine since...
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    [ubuntu] evolution hotmail calendar

    After searching on askubuntu I found no useful matches for evolution hotmail calendar

    I do NOT want to use google calendar. I do want an online calendar. I would prefer to use an online...
  4. [ubuntu] inflicting chromium extensions on every ubuntu machine user

    An antiporn extension for chromium from cloudacl references a google "help" page not much unlike this one

    for inflicting a set of...
  5. [ubuntu] local repository for flash like sun java 6?

    An annoying game my brother is addicted to playing "requires" sun java 6. I follow these github directions to setup a local repository from which to install
  6. [ubuntu] mark package as unwant: prevent "upgrades"

    whether using the upgrade gui or "apt-get upgrade" how can one elect to NOT-upgrade certain items without manually [dis]approving from a list each time there are upgrades?

    ubuntu 12.04 32bit
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