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  1. [PPC] Re: [iLamp] h.264 playback error in gstreamer & vlc

    I did and playback improved. It's a step in the right dirction, as I'd only get video with a black screen and forzen-subtitles if I paused playback before. But now the audio and video are very out of...
  2. [PPC] [iLamp] h.264 playback error in gstreamer & vlc

    Sorry to complain folks, but I've inherited a 17" USB-1 g4 iLamp, and it's worked great but I seem unable to play h.264 mkv video - I always get the following error: "could not find gstramer caps for...
  3. [ubuntu] Wierd Keyboard Malfunction After System Update

    Hi everyone!

    After a recent system update, I've been experiencing a strange phenomenon with my keyboard. It works fine at the log-on prompt, but after that the keyboard works about half as fast,...
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    Re: HOW TO: ATI Divers v0.2

    Just Curious, does this driver suport the ATI All-in-Wonder 128 Pro? I'm afraid that I may need to upgrade my vieo card. :? It's served me well in Warty-Warthog and SuSe 9.1 (as well as Windows...
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