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  1. [ubuntu] Re: 9.04 upgrade, EDAC spam in dmesg, edac-utils shows no erros

    same error here

    asus p5b
    intel quad xeon 2.5Ghz, lga775, i3320

    DDR2 ECC 667Mhz (4x 1GB)

    this happens on 2.6.32 kernels, but problem vanishes on 2.6.31 kernels
  2. [SOLVED] Upgrade Dapper to Hardy fails with weirdness

    This has now happened to me on three different Dapper (6.06 LTS) machines that I've upgraded to Hardy (8.04.4 LTS), so I'd say there's a problem and I've mucked up a "solution".

    Everything's set...
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    Re: Roll Your Own PHP Framework

    Neat and nice article, but despite claiming to be all about speed, it completely negates speed by proposing the use of require_once().

    Look into PHP's __autoload() magic function and also, more...
  4. Re: Software update policy on Ububtu LTS versions

    What happened to all the information about Breezy 5.10 ??

    The repositories are gone. The forums are gone. It's almost like 5.10 never existed.

    I think this "policy" is faulty.

    There should...
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    Re: Hoary repositories offline?

    Wow, this is severe lameness. They actually take down all repositories, remove all documentation, links and historical information, and totally eradicate old versions.

    I have several servers at...
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    Re: Debian SID Respositores in Ubuntu


    Actually, you know, I feel that it has nothing to do with price. The main reason for us here (just outside of washington dc) to take up ubuntu was because, finally, someone did...
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