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  1. rename scanner connected through SANE

    I want to run a scanner server with five HP 3390 MFP attached to it through lan. The problem is SANE gives each of these mfp the same name -- Hewlett-Packard HP_LaserJet_3390 all-in-one. Can I...
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    [other] Re: Samba AD DC replication not working

    What is "name resolve order" in your smb.conf? It's possible (well... quite probable) you have set it to hosts instead of host. Example of my working configuration:

    name resolve order = wins host...
  3. [SOLVED] updating pfring fails freezes on "Cannot get driver information"

    On my Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS I want to update pfring package (by ntop) provided by pfring_5.6.2-6898_amd64.deb to pfring_5.6.2-6910_amd64. However, during the installation (as well as during the...
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