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  1. [ubuntu] Re: [server] Ubuntu Server console shows gibberish

    No I never figured it out. I mostly just SSH into the box, and that works. And there doesn't seem to be any negative effects of booting through recovery mode, so I'm mostly doing that.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: [server] Ubuntu Server console shows gibberish

    I discovered something! Upon examination of dmesg logs from recovery mode which works, and normal mode which doesn't, it seems as though in the normal mode, these is a line which says "[0.42991]...
  3. [ubuntu] [server] Ubuntu Server console shows gibberish


    I just installed Ubuntu Server 12.04.02 LTS on my server. The install went fine.

    However, now whenever I boot, the console doesn't show English. I'm not sure if it is showing another...
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    [xubuntu] [SOLVED] Sound doesn't work as regular user [SOLVED]


    EDIT2: Uh oh. The sound just stopped working as root. I don't know what I might have done, but I'll try to fix that.

    EDIT3: I got it to start working again. The sound now works...
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    [ubuntu] Networking Inconsistent

    I'm having issues with Ubuntu Server 9.04.

    It used to work, but then, I decided to upgrade to 9.10. I made a backup before I upgraded because I've heard bad things about upgrading vs. clean...
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