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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    post merged in the welcome thread.
    welcome to the forums.
  2. Re: Where can I get in touch with the discord snap project?

    Contact page shows

    snap info discord
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    [ubuntu] Re: Netflix not working on Firefox

    Why can't you?
    Or what's wrong with it that you can't update it like a normal package on Ubuntu.
  4. Thread: Ubuntu 20.04

    by deadflowr

    Re: Ubuntu 20.04

    Once installed you are running 20.04.
    (Doesn't matter when it is installed, as long as the iso is for 20.04 (focal) and the installed repository sources are for focal)
    Just keep running daily...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Prune desktop list on lightdm login

    There is no file, but entries in the login options are set as special .desktop files in either /usr/share/xsessions or /usr/share/wayland-sessions.
    To hide the entries you can rename the file(s)...
  6. Thread: Apps

    by deadflowr

    [ubuntu] Re: Apps

    Appimage aren't installable, per se.
    They are click and run programs.
    You need to mark them as executable and then just click, or double click to run.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: 19.10 on Ryzen -- Cannot Find the "Lock Screen" option

    I don't like this line at all:

    I've only ever seen something like this when there are misconfigurations somewhere.
    Sometimes it alludes to python and sometimes not, so not sure what to do about...
  8. Re: activities bar and title bar on the wrong display

    If using the Join Displays setting then a setting to set the Primary display in under the display setting window (the window you can move the displays around in.)
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    Re: Missing Intel i915 drivers

    Thread moved to Ubuntu/Debian Based
  10. [lubuntu] Re: apt-get update and automatic security repo switch

    The only duplicate is for kali
    Here's a breakdown of the sources.list with all commented out lines removed:

    deb eoan main restricted

  11. [ubuntu] Re: Finding the root cause of a system freeze

    journalctl -b 1 | tail -n1
    isn't what i posted to run.
    Run what I posted.
    There is a big difference between 1 and -1.
    And just use tail by itself, no need to set a defined line number.
  12. [ubuntu] Re: 19.10 on Ryzen -- Cannot Find the "Lock Screen" option

    Lock screen shortcut is super + L.

    But for your issue it seems the setting is disabled.
    It's usually a dconf/gsettings setting so look at what this tells you

    gsettings get...
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    Re: ssh session remain in list

    How are you exiting the connections?
  14. Re: Image for Linux - missing 32bit library when burning CD

    From the command line

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt full-upgrade
    sudo apt install libncursesw5:i386

    The first two commands should always be run in order to assure the system is fully-up-to-date....
  15. Re: Image for Linux - missing 32bit library when burning CD

    libncursesw5:i386 is the 32-bit version.
    It's definitely available on 18.04.

    libncursesw5, is in fact, a required package on Ubuntu.
    So the 64-bit version is already installed.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: 3d Cube desktop not working. Please help!

    Install a desktop that can utilize compiz.
    Ubuntu's Gnome desktop cannot.

    I'd suggest installing the unity desktop.
    (Another desktop that works well is xfce (xubuntu))
    Edit: Or Mate...
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    Re: Disk is likely to fail soon

    Use the forum attachment feature to upload images
  18. Re: Can't remove old kernel or some other problem

    What does this stuff currently show:
    as well as the output of the upgrade commands.

    And how feasible is Impavidus'...
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    Re: Distro upgrade from local repo

    Check your release-upgrade flag in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades.
    Should be set to lts.
    (Prompt=lts at the bottom)

    Edit: If it is set to lts and doesn't work, you might try setting it to...
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    Re: Mount .vmdk in UBUNTU to change EFI

    Shouldn't you be setting the partition number when trying to mount?
    Something like

    vmware-mount /path/to/vmdk-file 1 /mountpoint
    For reference:...
  21. Re: Home folder permissions issues after update

    so what other programs are affected?
    Is it only a few others or are all programs affected?
  22. [SOLVED] Re: dpkg -l lists same package name 4 times

    You should have

    as the actual wallpaper packages

  23. [SOLVED] Re: Errors updating and upgrading 16.04 to 18.04

    That's just automatic updates.
    It's on by default now.
    It starts at login, or whenever networking comes up.
    The default is only for security updates.

    You can easily turn if off by either...
  24. Re: How to install Packet Tracer when there is 2 dependency required in Ubuntu 19.10?

    Neither of the dependencies listed are available in 19.10.
    They are available in 18.04, though.
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Finding the root cause of a system freeze

    You can use journalctl command to see information about the last boot session(or any previous boots)

    journalctl -b -1 | tail
    will output the last thing done on last boot session before the system...
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