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  1. Re: Is there a way that will record the traffic every hour for everyday vnstat
  2. Re: Which torrent client do you use the most ?

    Transmission - lightweight; does what it needs to do.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: New USB-attached basic laser printer troubleshooting for erratic behaviour
  4. Re: How to manage a RAID 5 Software Data Recover

    I would destroy the existing RAID 5 configuration, then rebuild it from scratch with mdadm. My usual steps:

    1) Use fdisk to create single partition on each drive that spans the entire device; use...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unabel to Mount Network Drive

    Yes, I share the same home directories on my server using both Samba and NFS.

    Did you create a Samba user using

    sudo smbpasswd -a pi
    Samba does not use /etc/passwd for authentication. It has...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: New USB-attached basic laser printer troubleshooting for erratic behaviour

    IPP is used to send print files via TCP/IP. It doesn't run over USB. You could use it to send print jobs from other computers to one with the printer connected via USB.

    I'd rip out everything you...
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    Re: Ubuntu Compatible Used Desktops?

    Here's that same list from NewEgg with a minimum 8 GB RAM and an SSD of at least 256 GB. ...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: How show months/dates/ weeks labels not in native language ?

    On my 20.04 machine I would go to System Settings > Regional Settings > Formats. Check the "Detailed Settings" box and pick an English version for the date.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Old ubuntu laptop as print server

    Attach one printer to the laptop and install it. I often choose to use the web-based management tool that comes with CUPS by pointing a browser at Go to a client and see if you...
  10. Re: is it true that ubuntu's updates are slower to be released than fedora's updates?

    You can choose to add Personal Package Archives (PPAs) to get cutting-edge software. Here's the official PPA for Firefox:
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    Re: Open raw files in Gimp/Darktable

    I'd go look in the directory where the temp file is supposed to reside.

    cd /tmp/gimp/2.10/
    Does the directory exist? Do you see anything in it like gimp-temp-49461.tif?

    Are you running out of...
  12. [kubuntu] Re: fstab no longer mounting nfs shares at boot

    I was just about to make the same suggestion. My fstab entries include _netdev in the options list.

    server:/home /media/server nfs noauto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.mount-timeout=30,_netdev ...
  13. Re: Not sure were files are mounted on system?

    0 /media/500GB-Laptop-HDD
    You have an empty mount point for this device, but nothing appears mounted there, unlike this device

    121G /media/500GB-blue-ssd
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu and Windows 10 sharing a data drive? Server a better idea?

    I heartily endorse Herman's observation. I have a Linux server that exports some directories using both Samba and NFS. I can access the files from both Linux and Windows and don't have to worry about...
  15. Re: error message when installing new software

    You seem to have run afoul of this issue:

    You can follow the proposed work-arounds, but if it were me, I'd install a brand-new...
  16. [server] Re: Server 20.04 VM "minimal" high CPU after installing Mysql Server 8

    First verify if there is a MySQL instance running on your machine.

    sudo systemctl status mysql

    On my machine that returns

    seiji@big-linux:~$ sudo systemctl status mysql
    [sudo] password...
  17. Re: 20.04 SSH connection refused to server VM

    ^In general, this.

    I can see installing a copy of Server 20.04 into a VBox VM so you can get comfortable with managing a machine from the command-line. But a VM and bare metal hardware are very...
  18. Re: Installing MPD on my public facing web and mail server

    At a minimum, make sure you bind the server to listen only on localhost and your local area network. it should not be visible from outside like the web server is.
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    Re: Ubuntu Compatible Used Desktops?

    Here's a bunch of refurbished Dells and Lenovos with at least an i5 processor at NewEgg:...
  20. [other] Re: How to install email encryption using chrome

    Thunderbird has native support for GPG via the EnigMail extension:

    Version 78 and later have built-in support for...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: No DNS after static IP change on Ubuntu Server 16.04

    The machine is in the subnet and designates its gateway as, but the routing table doesn't show the same configuration. If you use the configuration in post #1, can you...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Default panel freezes when video is played in full screen

    Did you go to System Settings > Device Manager and let Ubuntu install the proprietary driver for your NVIDIA card? If not, try that.
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    Re: Cannot print until I flush iptables

    Well, if this is one of your active rules, it's the likely culprit.

    Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
    target prot opt source destination
    ACCEPT all -- anywhere ...
  24. [kubuntu] Re: KUbuntu 20.04 in a VM (KVM and Virtualbox)-Screen resolution issue

    Make sure you've installed the Guest Additions and run the script on the Linux VM.

    Shut down the VM, then open the VBox manager and go the VM's Settings page. Choose...
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    Re: Cannot print until I flush iptables

    i don't see how we can really help if you don't post the complete ruleset.

    sudo iptables -L -vn
    sudo iptables -t nat -L -vn
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