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    [lubuntu] Re: new PC MSI x470 MB

    Any current solid state drive will last as much as if not more than traditional mechanical HDDs. The temporary files issue is a non-issue. The SSD will very likely outlive the computer itself.

  2. Re: How do I disable F10 on ubuntu 20.04

    So, now the question is WHY are you pressing F10? And is it really F10? Many laptops now have additional functions added to the Fn keys that are specific for vendor/model -and-, very important the...
  3. Re: How do I disable F10 on ubuntu 20.04

    So, what exactly a mouse has to do with F10?
  4. Re: How do I disable F10 on ubuntu 20.04

    On my Ubuntu 20.04, the F10 key does nothing.

    Why do you think it needs to be disabled? What does the F10 key do in your system that you don't want?
  5. Re: Acronis true image alternative for dual boot system

    DD works fine with NTFS partitions. Likewise Acronis (Windows) works fine with any type of Linux partitions. Alternatively there's Clonezilla with an easy to use GUI.

    Now, regardless of the tool...
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    Re: assigning new hotkeys

    FN cannot be used for this purpose.
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    Re: Tholian web

    Your user's password that you defined during the installation.
    Always use a password for login. Even Windows has been trying to force that habit into users in an attempt to correct decades of bad...
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    Re: overheating + related concerns

    So much confusion...

    YES, in the latest release - 20.04 - if you selected the option to install graphical drivers it will do that (hopefully the correct version is installed) and with Secure Boot...
  9. Re: Problems with CD with mp3s playing in car

    Yes, a possibility but extremely unlikely.
    Car stereos with CD player typically support CD-Audio and some will also support a data CD with MP3 files on it but that not a given unlike the CD-Audio...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Installing and booting Windows 10 from a solid state drive

    If you can boot both then, in Windows, make sure Fast Startup is disabled. Then set the UEFI to boot from Ubuntu and run 'sudo update-grub'. Window should now be detected and added to the Grub menu.
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    Re: Tholian web

    Please use a password for login, that's all.
  12. Re: Need to enable in software sources proprietary drivers to install nvidia driver ?

    Open Software & Updates.

    In the first tab make sure all but source code are selected.
    Then, on the 5th tab - Additional Drivers - select and apply the recommended version. Typically it's all it...
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    Re: overheating + related concerns

    Installing Nvidia drivers is as simple as disabling Secure Boot in UEFI (what you call "BIOS" but really isn't), boot Ubuntu (with additional boot parameter 'nomodeset' if the graphical interface...
  14. Re: Linux device drivers are the same for all distros ?

    Typically the same but different distros can use different drivers or different versions of the same driver.

    As you already know, different distros may use different package managers (software...
  15. Re: Where have an driver for MODEM Huawei E173 ?

    Huawei E173 is supported and has been since before 2012!!! No additional drivers required.
    All you need to do is to setup the connection using the network menu.

    In Ubuntu 20.04 (Gnome) is...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu does not detect 2nd HDD (Acer Aspire 3)

    Quoting from your own link:

    This ^^^ is the general recommendation. Did you change the mode to AHCI? Don't forget to install AHCI support in Windows before this change. That done Windows should...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Computer completely hangs while watching Youtube

    It's more nuanced than that.
    Mint is popular but that doesn't mean good. Volkswagens are popular.
    And Mint isn't any lighter than many or most official Ubuntu derivatives.
    Desktop layout nothing...
  18. Re: My wireless internet does not work. Please guide how to make it work.

    You can just disable Secure Boot.
  19. Re: LUBUNTU Where is configuration cpu power profiles ?

    Nvidia or AMD?
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 18.04 - System freezing. Nouveau crash in kern.log - nVidia K2200 - Dell T

    Before troubleshooting the hardware, troubleshoot the drivers -> Try Nvidia drivers instead. Open Additional Drivers, select and apply the recommended version.
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    [lubuntu] Re: Unable to open images

    Both file types are correctly supported.
    If you can't open them then probably you're dealing with corrupt files. Do they work in the phone?
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Resize system partition and transfer from MBR to UEFI without reinstall - Ubuntu


    Backing up and reinstalling is really really faster and much safer than all the things you want to do.
  23. Re: LUBUNTU How install "obsolete" software ?

    "A new version is available" message appears when the same but newer software is in the repository.
    Why do you think you need to install an older version and not form the official repository?
  24. Re: deb packages are secure and last versions from ?

    Yes, no and you shouldn't use packages made for Debian in Ubuntu.
  25. Re: Ubuntu 19.10 + MSI GE60 - Webcam not recognized


    Likely not the same issue...
    And in your case, if you enabled IOMMU then likely you need an additional boot parameter - iommu=soft - in order to have all the hardware working properly.
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