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    Re: Why are you a active forum member

    1: because 19.04 worked out of the box on my configuration.
    2: because this forum helped me a lot and quickly for the very few problems I was left with.
  2. Re: Maxtor4 external drive not now recognised by windows

    Not only Windows recognise very few file systems but it suggest to format the partitions.
    So making sure you loose everything on them.
    In France most ISP boxes use Linux so when you plug an USB...
  3. Re: Discussion of software that is not included in Ubuntu

    Inspired by your message I tried Seamonkey from their website and all went well
    with just extracting the archive in the /usr/local directory....
  4. Re: Discussion of software that is not included in Ubuntu

    Ubuntu being quite popular very often the site of the new program
    has a tutorial on how to install it "over" a ubuntu version.
    Sometimes it is a good occasion to update your ubuntu.
    or to make a...
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    Re: Netflix Trouble In Linux!

    No it doesn't but you have to add an addon repository and follow tutorials.
  6. Re: Samba reporting "disk full" to Windows 10 client

    I think sharing a single 22TB partition is asking for problems.
    Very few people will be able to duplicate the problem.
    Fewer to solve it.
    Thanks anyway.
    My biggest share is 2TB it works with...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Can I Get Better Internet Speed With USB On a PCIe x1 Card?

    I used a realtek RTL8153 USB3 to gigabit Ethernet adapter.
    They are cheap and even on a USB2 port there is a least an x2 improvement over 100mbps cards.
  8. [all variants] Re: Looking for a linux operating system that will run on a windows XP built in 2003

    I have always thought that WI-FI encryption had nothing to do with hardware but was a
    drivers/software problem.
    It may be worth looking in that direction.
    But if the hardware is too old or bugged...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dont Know how to Clasify my Problem

    Thanks for the link.
    It worked for me but I have yet to try the software.
    dream is located in /usr/local/bin
    Another way to receive DRM is swradio here:
  10. Thread: DAB softwares

    by hk42

    DAB softwares

    They are all available in the Appimage format and worked for me
    here are the links :
    Sorry this is of no use for countries ...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Newbie needs help with ubuntu 19.04 login screen

    Having installed 19.04 with no problems at all on 2 computers
    I tried 19.10 it crashed on both.
    So I stay with 19.04 and I'm happy :-)
  12. Thread: Dual Boot Options

    by hk42

    [ubuntu] Re: Dual Boot Options

    But keep the Windows drive when installing Ubuntu so that Grub can make a menu entry for it.
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    [lubuntu] Re: How can I measure the throughput of Samba?

    Samba is used to share data with non Linux devices the best is to use them to
    compare performances.
    On the Linux side Midnight commander indicates the speed when copying files.
    My experience is...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: How to resize Ubuntu 18.04 Partition on Dual Boot Windows 10

    I don't agree on using Windows to shrink its own partition.
    It is worth trying but as the partition is mounted sometimes it doesn't work
    or only allows to free a few MB when there is a lot of...
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    [SOLVED] Re: can't make wired connection from USB stick

    I found that having a spare USB to 100Mb Ethernet dongle is handy for this kind of situation.
    They are supported by quite old OS installation disks.
  16. Re: Automount NAS on boot does not work, manually it does (19.10)

    Nice explanation even if I don't have immediate use for it .
    Thanks Morbius1
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    Huge directory in /var/log/journal

    His name is not user friendly mine is:
    It contains around 1GB of big files some seems identical
    What is it used for ?
  18. Re: New Windows Terminal - suitable PuTTY replacement?

    Thanks for the info but it needs a recent version of W10. As mine refuses to update
    I'm stuck to 1803 and will continue using PUTTY as on all my Windows machine since
    W2K. :P
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    [SOLVED] Re: Boot Problem on new installation of 19.04

    Be very careful with USB in BIOS
    I had the case of disabling USB at Boot on a PC with only USB ports.
    Then it was impossible to enter the BIOS any more :(
    W10 saved me as I found ,a year later,...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Questions about wayland

    Thanks for the quick answers.
    Yes synaptic doesn't run on wayland so it's a good way to remind me that I'm using it.
    For selecting the various windows managers yes I have a (rather uggly) menu to...
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    [SOLVED] Questions about wayland

    On my 19.04 installation I have the option to choose "Ubuntu on wayland"
    when login.
    I see no difference so my questions are:
    How to know on a running GUI if it is using wayland ?
    What are the...
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    Re: Windows and buttons too large

    I too had this problem with VLC in 19.04 on a 1920x1080 TV.
    It seems to have cured itself by magic :-)
    The only thing I did was to install a lot of different windows managers:
    XFCE ,Gnome and...
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    Re: Simple New Dual Boot Idea?

    I have not tried it yet.
    But the idea of switching hard drives is not "new" and even floppy disks
    allowed that.
    Now any installation that requires an internet connection is a BIG
    security risk.
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    Re: Simple New Dual Boot Idea?

    Why do you talk of dual boot when there are so many variations of Windows ,Linux and Android ?
    Why do you want to use separate disks when 10TB one's are available and UEFI allows many partitions ?...
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    Re: New install freezes

    I only had problems with blue tooth keyboards:
    No way to access BIOS
    Pairing required each time you change OS on a multi-boot system.

    Multi boot Linux/W10 on the same system is a very good way...
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