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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Multiple programs using the same audio output?

    Nevermind, I figured it out and wrote a tutorial.
  2. [SOLVED] TUTORIAL: How to run Jack & Pulseaudio at the same time

    HELLO ALL!!!!!!
    (Is this the correct place for this kind of thing? hopefully)
    Anyway, I couldn't find any direct tutorials on this, so I figured it out from bits and pieces I found on the web and...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: M-Audio FastTrack Pro not recognized after waking from sleep

    I'm no expert, but I assume this should help,
    Open the terminal, and type the following:

    sudo su
    echo snd-usb-audio >> /etc/modules

    and reboot/sleep/whatever, let me know if it's...
  4. [ubuntu] Multiple programs using the same audio output?

    I'm running Ubuntu 11.04, I've replaced pulseaudio completely with Alsa in hopes that JACK would stop freaking out about multiple programs using hw:0 at once.
    I love using JACK for audio...
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    Making my own OS - some questions

    Hey, whatsup.
    I've decided I might do a side-project of making an OS. (Nothing too big, not like windows 7 or something but better than something with just a "command prompt" and that's it. [Aka...
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    [ubuntu] Finding out an RPC network name?

    Sup. I'm testing this guy's security on his website for him (yes, I have his permission), and I noticed he has an RPC port open.

    I've never really used RPC, so I was wondering how I might find out...
  7. [ubuntu_studio] Virtualizing existing WinXP partition, a few questions

    I have windows xp installed on my laptop's built-in 120gb harddrive. I now installed the latest Ubuntu Studio on a separate, external 1TB drive for music-related things.

    What I want to know...
  8. [lubuntu] Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on external USB Hard drive?

    I have ubuntu 10.04, and I want to have all 3 main OS's operating on the same computer..
    So I have linux as my main system, windows in a virtual machine (virtualbox) and now I have a Mac OS X Snow...
  9. [ubuntu] Terrible screeching sound when recording?

    I've spent a while searching and I can't come up with a conclusion.
    I have ubuntu 10.04 on a Dell Latitude D620, and up until today, I could record whatever I wanted through my microphone and it'd...
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    [ubuntu] Hardware Drivers window not showing?

    Whenever I click "Hardware Drivers" under system - administration, it shows the window with a progress bar saying that it's downloading and updating package info, then when it finishes, it closes and...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: VirtualBox underestimates available storage

    Actually, I just misunderstood VirtualBox's settings. It was referring to the amount of RAM I gave it, but I thought it meant storage. (When I said "memory" in the last sentence, that was just an...
  12. [SOLVED] VirtualBox underestimates available storage

    I'm using VirtualBox OSE to run Windows XP, for watching netflix as well as audio/video editing, and I've assigned it about 3 gb, which it thinks is over 50% of my overall computer's storage...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Interpret mic-in as line-in?

    That...worked better than I thought it would...
    Now I feel stupid LOL
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    [SOLVED] Re: Interpret mic-in as line-in?

    bump..Please help, I don't want to have to switch back to windows.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Get Sound from HDTV(HDMI)

    If your TV has a headphone port, then you could probably get a loopback audio cable (male-to-male, headphone-to-microphone cable) pretty cheap and plug it into the mic port.
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    [SOLVED] Interpret mic-in as line-in?

    I have a MIDI keyboard that I plug into my mic port, on windows I was able to tell it to interpret it as a line-in port, but on linux I don't know how to do that.
    Why do I want to do this?...
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