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    [ubuntu] Re: Video Playback is a Black Screen

    Edit: found a solution to my problem. I opened "gstreamer-properties" in a terminal and in the video tab, I changed the setting to X window system (no Xv) in default output.

    I face the exact same...
  2. Re: 9.10 external microphone doesn't work anymore

    Hi Mocha,

    thank you for your answer and possible solution!

    For me, an update to kernel 2-6-31-20-generic made the problem go away so far.

    Recording still wouldn't work with kernels...
  3. Re: 9.10 external microphone doesn't work anymore

    Update to Kernel 2.6.31-19 did not solve the problem!

    I still cannot use my external microphone although I have tried every method mentioned in my first post again. The only difference to Kernel...
  4. {Solved} Re: 9.10 external microphone doesn't work anymore, kernel version 2.6.31-17

    Thanks again for your answer!

    Funny enough, "dpkg --list | grep kernel-image" doesn't give me any output in the terminal. I suppose this is because I had already deleted...
  5. Re: 9.10 external microphone doesn't work anymore

    Thank you for your fast answer! You were absolutely right, it was a kernel problem. Fortunately I still had the old kernels on my system. The one that works best is 2.6.31-16-generic

    When I start...
  6. 9.10 external microphone doesn't work anymore

    Update 6th March 2010: Update to Kernel 2.6.31-20 SOLVED the problem. Recording works again (still wouldn't in kernels 2.6.31-17 to 2.6.31-19). If a kernel update doesn't solve your problem, please...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Load images in Evolution doesn't work

    Thanks a lot! I had exactly the same problem on Jaunty and Evolution 2.26.1 and this solved it.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Pidgin - ICQ Problem

    Solution Found:

    I downloaded pidgin (564.3 kB), pidgin-data (7.2 MB), libpurple0 (1.5 MB), libpurple-bin (100.1 kB) from and installed it using the following method and I didn't even...
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    [ubuntu] Re: access denied usb harddrive

    Very interesting, I have been experiencing exactly the same problem! The USD drive gets mounted as soon as I plug it in, it gets displayed on the desktop, but it is read-only. I tried gksudo nautilus...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Synaptic upgrade problem in Hardy

    I seem to have a similar if not exactly the same problem. I have switched from 7.10 to 8.04 a few days ago using system>administration>update manager. Everything seems to work fine (except my web...
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