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  1. Re: HOWTO: CJK in Wine (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)

    hi. great tutorial. e would it be possible to do the same procedure to Linux Mint 7 Gloria installed on my father's laptop?
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    Re: How-To: install pSX on AMD64

    i'm sorry but the link to your pre-made DEB files ins dead. can you repost these please?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't make a persistent live USB

    what about that tutorial at doesn't that give the same issues?
  4. [all variants] Ubuntu Studio Intrepid Ibex 8.10 a MiniDVD Distro?

    ereageah i sometimes think that Ubuntu Studio 8.10's image has a size thats fitable on a MiniDVD with a Data Capable size of 1.2 GB.
    can you guys ever tell that was just a silly remark or something?...
  5. [all variants] Re: Ubuntu linux on USB external hard drive vs USB Flash pen drive

    heh yeah it is easy to install Linux on the Master Boot Record of a USB External Hard Drive. got Fedora Core 9 on my 118GB Seagate FreeAgent Go and am just about to set up to install Ubuntu Studio...
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    [other] Re: Quadruple Boot-The incredible dream?

    yeah i was actually thinking about doing the same thing except i don't have no knowledge of OSX86. what i have on my father's laptop so far is 57GB for Windows XP SP2, 68GB for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid...
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    [other] Re: dual-booting help and information

    ghjraa i hate to break it to ya but my story behind that thread is this.
    as i stated above i install gOS on my Seagate external hard drive and installed THAT bootloader on the exact drive. then when...
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    [other] Re: dual-booting help and information

    i don't think that was my initial point. i actually stated that ii already have Linux Mint 6 Felicia Installed on my father's laptop and i wanna dual boot that with gOS 3.0 Gadgets that i installed...
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    [other] dual-booting help and information

    hi i'm new to this forum and new to Linux in general (i suppose).
    i'd like some advice, help, or whatever you can give me on this. i have Linux Mint 6 Felicia installed on my father's HP Pav Laptop...
  10. Re: where or how do i install freespace 2 on linux?

    hi i'm the latest member to the forums here...... about that installer is there a way that i could like install it on Ubuntu 8.10/Linux Mint 6 somehow by any chance?
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