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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu machine is not able to see the shares of windows machine

    Ping would still work if you had file and printer sharing disabled in vista.
  2. Re: Howto program the Logitech Harmony universal remote control on Hardy with Concord

    Thanks, this worked for me with my 895.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Java applet not loading to full size

    Full screen usually works for me too. I actually reinstalled the os and installed everything fresh again using the advice from the large multimedia thread. So far working well
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    [ubuntu] Java applet not loading to full size

    I use firefox 3.0.1 to remotely control several computers via logmein (would use vnc but they don't have static ip's).

    When the java applet loads it initially (for a second) tries to load to the...
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    Re: Galway Linux sage

    I'm a bit of a novice as well, but you never know! What problem are you having? If it's with wpa I assume your card is detected?
  6. Re: UFO: Artificial Intelligence - no mouse

    I've the same problem, the mouse is waay to sensite on default. There is talk about how to fix it in the fufoai orums, but I haven't understood the solution just yet!
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    Re: How much do you use Ubuntu?

    Ubuntu at home and work. About 5% Win Xp for various windows apps that I haven't figured out yet.
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