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  1. Re: Leap Motion

    It's great to see someone is finally doing this right!!

    I'm sure the devs know how important Linux support is--they mentioned it on their page, which is a good sign. Still, I wonder if there's a...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: XMonad: un-removable gray windows at startup

    I just grabbed one of the templates from the XMonad site to start with. I couldn't find anything in there that seemed related.

    I figured out part of why the gray panels showed up: I selected the ...
  3. [all variants] Re: All in 1 Linux Home Server Project: Advice Wanted!!

    IMHO the best way to dive into most of these things is Google &&|| the forum search bar. I'd say you should just go for it. There are great guides for a lot of the stuff you've mentioned. Basically...
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    Re: Guess the name of the next user!

    I guess compy is next.
  5. [ubuntu] XMonad: un-removable gray windows at startup

    I just upgraded my netbook to 12.04 and decided it would be fun to try XMonad. I'm running XMonad + GNOME. Everything works great out of the box... except...

    Three panels appear at startup: the...
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    [ubuntu] Dual Screen - Multiple configurations

    I have a Dell XPS m1530 and a small monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 150s), and I've managed to get dual screen running with nvidia-settings. Here's my problem: I frequently unplug my laptop from my...
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