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  1. [ubuntu] Wired Network connection being dropped ubuntu 13.04 RTL8111/8168

    Network connection being dropped even after updating the driver to the latest realtek one r8168-8.037.00. I am running Ubuntu 13.04 I need to usually reboot my router to fix and or the cable modem...
  2. How can I share media from ubuntu 13.04 to windows XP

    So I have set up samba successfully and I am using it for file shares but when trying to do media shares I am having issues. Specifically the problem is that I can see the Media folder in Windows but...
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    Re: Who wants to join my development team!?

    so.. what's the project plan?
  4. Re: Login SSO seems to screw up my google profile

    Is there an easy way to have my ubuntu accounts synch up with the rest of my stack exchange stuff?
  5. Re: Login SSO seems to screw up my google profile

    I am using Chrome Version 28.0.1500.95
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    Re: Multi-Monitor Issue

    I have the same issues basically. I have to usually move the display manager to the main monitor ( the only one that looks correct ) and just hit Apply again and that usually fixes it. The settings...
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    Re: Who wants to join my development team!?

    Wow lot's of numbers and letters and I still don't know what you are trying to accomplish :). I don't know if you can have a one size fits all architecture for game development. Speed is of the...
  8. Re: Is there any speed reading training software in Ubuntu?

    I know how to speed read having taken a course. Basically you can learn the various hand motions online and then practice on a book or you can use your monitor if you don't mind putting your fingers...
  9. Thread: Wierd error

    by bsamim

    Re: Wierd error

    Try running the following to fix any broken packages with dependency issues

    sudo apt-get -f install

    if that doesn't work then run the following and see the errors you might be getting

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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem in logging query in BIND9

    I believe this post will answer your questions.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Printer Extremely Slow

    I had so many issues with the hplip drivers, I also am connected via usb without issues now. I am currently using the following with my hp printer with no issues. Just delete the existing printer...
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    Re: Please help with xset commands

    Have you tried using the gui it seemed to do the trick for me. Just hit the windows key and type Mouse and choose the app and play with the settings there. If you must use xset yourself see below.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Use external display with vga cable ubuntu

    * Plug the monitor in the VGA slot.
    * Go to System Settings and then choose Display, or just hit the windows key and type Displays and select the app.
    * Afterwards see if your monitor is detected...
  14. Re: how to search for a string in a file inside a directory reccursively and replace

    /usr/bin/perl -pi -e 's#printf\("Line#printf\("\\nLine#g' *.C

    where *.C expression is the file or expression matching the file(s) you are interested in
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    Re: HP Laserjet alignment issue

    What driver are you using?
  16. Login SSO seems to screw up my google profile

    Everytime I login into Ubuntu forums with Login SSO it seems to screw up my google profile. Google will give me a profile not synched anytime I login into ubuntu forums by clicking the Login SSO...
  17. [ubuntu] Video with multiple monitors get screwed up on reboot.

    It seems my video get screwed up everytime I reboot.

    I have an hp pavillion dv7 running 64 bit ubuntu 13.04.
    I have 2 external monitors one through vga and one through hdmi and the laptop...
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    [ubuntu] After suspending the brightness goes low

    After awakening from a suspend the brightness setting always goes back down to zero and the laptop screen is dim. It seems like a bug that it can't just save the setting. Can someone please...
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    [ubuntu] Re: HP Laptop makes clicking sound sometimes

    thanks I will give that a try
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    [ubuntu] HP Laptop makes clicking sound sometimes

    Hi, I am running ubuntu 13.04 64 bit on an HP Pavillion dv7 Im not sure if some linux process is running to cause this but sometimes the laptop will make a click sound for a second. I checked the...
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    [ubuntu] gvim gives errors when closing the window

    hi, when closing a gvim session by hitting the "x" at the upper left corner of the window the terminal always prints out the following. Anyone know why this is?
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