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    [ubuntu] Re: Save Screen Brightness Settings

    I tried this in Xubuntu 12.04 on my Acer Aspire One 722 and it didn't work. I'd previously enabled the ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver to get my brightness controls to work -- do I maybe...
  2. [xubuntu] Re: Password keyring doesn't get unlocked upon login

    The above solution sounds sensible, but I don't have "Passwords and Keys" under menu settings - not sure how to proceed.

    Xubuntu 11.10 suddenly started asking for my keyring password after an...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade-manager download bahaviour

    You might try the solution in

    I don't actually understand it, and am not sure if it restores the...
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    [xubuntu] Re: iPod Touch 4G - New to Xubuntu

    I use Banshee to manage my iPod Classic.
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Xubuntu 10.10 Login loop (errors included)

    That seems to have done it - thank you so much!

    For posterity:
    I was able to delete the file (or at least received no feedback to the contrary). Ctrl+Alt+F8 got me back to the graphical login,...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Xubuntu 10.10 Login loop (errors included)

    The file permissions seem to be correct. I forgot to write everything down before switching back to Windows, but it went like

    When I entered the commands to change to permissions & owner I got...
  7. [SOLVED] Xubuntu 10.10 Login loop (errors included)

    Recently Xubuntu froze on me during or just after startup (it was in the middle of connecting to the wireless network). I powered the computer off, and since then have been unable to login. When I...
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