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  1. Re: Looking for a Linux distro for an old laptop

    With Lubuntu, the answer is a definite yes. I'm running it on my old laptop and the repos are well maintained and populated with all the packages.

    Generally installing more programs shouldn't...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: a code question regarding music file extensions

    For what it's worth, you can use the file command to check the mime-type of a given file.


    file -b --mime-type filename

    should output audio/mpeg, or audio/flac or something...
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    Re: Discussing C and C++

    For my own personal use, I have trouble coming up with projects which aren't better handled by C, Python, or some combination of the two than by C++. Python provides vastly faster development, and...
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    Re: 32 vs 64 bit

    Yeah... but at this point they're the weird exceptions, and almost by definition are poorly maintained projects.

    If a company or group can't be bothered to provide a 64-bit package nowadays...
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    Re: Programming for solving math problems

    I'm going to still encourage you to use Haskell!

    Haskell really shines for these sorts of problems. I haven't yet gotten around to doing any graph theory in Haskell, but I know there are a number...
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    Re: Programming for solving math problems

    Just to strengthen the case for Haskell a bit, here's some code to do something for all (1, -1) N-tuples:

    nTuples 0 xs = [[]]
    nTuples n xs = [x:ys | x <- xs, ys <- nTuples (n - 1) xs]

    result n...
  7. Re: How many of you have stop using Firefox

    I generally just use the chromium-browser package in the repo, which seems to come with a built in Flash Player, and I don't think I've ever had it crash.

    I could see using Chrome if you're using...
  8. Re: How many of you have stop using Firefox

    I switched to Chromium because of this, and because when it came out it was substantially faster and more responsive than Firefox. Now I've got 8GB of ram, and people are saying Firefox has caught...
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    Re: Programming for solving math problems

    As Bachstelze noted, it's hard to answer without more information. For ease of programming I invariably recommend Python, but if computational speed really is critical, then Python might not be good...
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    Re: Program A Device

    I think maybe you want an Arduino?

    You can upload a program to one and hook it up to control lightbulbs, servo-motors, or anything else that takes an electronic input.
  11. Re: Feltstars, Lock (Merge) Poker Download. HELP

    The problem is that most poker clients include some very invasive anti-cheating features which make use the the windows API at a very low level. Wine just doesn't support the API quite well enough...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is Ubuntu for me?

    Just noticed this question. As a long time user of Window and Ubuntu, Ubuntu is at least as user friendly as Windows, at least as easy to fix bugs on, and less prone to bugs. The time when Linux...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is Ubuntu for me?

    Unity probably is a little resource intensive for an 8 year old laptop. You can install the latest Ubuntu though, and use the gnome classic session to avoid using Unity. Alternatively, there's a...
  14. Re: Feltstars, Lock (Merge) Poker Download. HELP

    Unfortunately, I think Lock poker isn't going to run under wine. Check out the carbon poker entry on the wine appdb. It's a different skin, but all the skins on Merge use essentially identical...
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    Re: 2D Programming in Python 3

    Check out cairo.

    It's not exactly focused on game development, but is an excellent 2D graphics library use extensively alongside gtk, and it has python 3 bindings. I would discourage you from...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Got a real challenge on my hand whizzes pls help

    The windows installer generally creates any needed partitions and writes the boot sector itself, so you shouldn't need to create a partition or boot sector before hand. While you certainly could use...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: transfering files between machines

    More info about your exact requirements and reasons for wanting to do this would be helpful. There are dozens of ways to do what you want, and without more info it's hard to say which is best!

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    Re: Anyone play Utopia?

    Wow! That site is still running?

    I played it for a month or so back in 1998 when it first started... I can't believe it's still around! It was pretty neat at the time!

    If I had more spare...
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    [SOLVED] Re: awk script for school.

    Generally homework questions are discouraged here. That said, I think giving hints is ok?

    Anyway, you're definitely on the right track - I would think about what

    { FS = " : "}

  20. [ubuntu] Re: Natty. I want to uninstall Linux ,,,

    Just install windows.

    When you're installing windows there should be an option somewhere to partition your drive. Tell it to erase the Linux partition and create a partition for Windows while...
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    Re: programming editor for PHP?

    You might check out Bluefish. For web development it's pretty good.
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    Re: modulus in bash

    I don't think bash recognizes the modulo operator in that context - the shell needs to know you're doing arithmetic.

    if [ $(($traj%2)) == 0 ]; then

    should work. Alternatively

    if ((...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Finding negative floats in Python

    In the code above, the only place you change v1 or v2 is outside the while loop, and that only happens once per function call. Changing v1Position doesn't automatically update v1. Add 'print v1' to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Finding negative floats in Python

    You're not updating v1 or v2 inside the loop, so that's probably the problem.

    As 11jmb noted, a for loop is more appropriate here. You can combine two lists to get a list of tuples with zip()....
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    Re: Combining C++ and Python


    Python is written in C, and you can embed Python code in C or C++ using the Python C API. You can also extend Python with a C or C++ module.

    The documentation on this topic is quite...
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