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    [ubuntu] Re: Brasero plugins inadequate

    hey i'm using ibex and it keeps telling me that it can't burn because the dvd isn't compatible and it can't do it with my current set of plugins i'm trying to use memorex 16x 4.7gb 120min dvd-r's...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Frostwire update to 4.17.0 gives blank window

    yea i've had the same problem i installed the 4.17 version and it loads to 12% and then gives me this blank blue screen that won't close
  3. Re: HOWTO: Install ePSXe (a freeware Sony Playstation Emulator) with a simple install

    i used your installer, worked great but it's doing this weird thing where when i go into configure none of the buttons are doing anything and there's no selections in my menues, just disabled, and...
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    Re: Install ePSXe Playstation Emulator (Version 2)

    sorry i'm kinda new to ubuntu, but i did your whole install process and it starts up just fine, but when i go to configure the video, it just closes, no error or anything, it just closes, could you...
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