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  1. [ubuntu] Re: WNDA 4100 (NetGear N900) Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter

    I also have this device and I would love for it to work. Any progress?
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    Re: MUD Spelled Backwards is DUM.

    I downloaded Gnome-MUD and I like it very much so far, but how do I download the plugins or plugin interface? I searched for a while but I've not found anything except patch notes "we added this...
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    Dude, your Dell is on fire.

    I knew I was afraid of laptops for a reason. I'm never going near another dell laptop again.
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    Re: HOWTO: Getting Breezy 'Human' Icons in Dapper

    Is there nowhere to just download the .png/.xpm files?

    Are we talking about the icons as in usr/share/pixmaps? (I am.)

    Or, is there some other kind of icon I'm missing. Maybe I'm way off.
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    Re: Why no iTunes for Linux?

    I like the way iTunes looks, but I could never get it to work. On Windows it will start a song, then five seconds into the song it starts the song again, but doesn't stop playing it from the first...
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    Re: Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day!

    Ha that's great! My mom was sysadmin for some government company before they merged. That was lots of fun (I got to see some really powerful servers)!

    As for jumping the gun, it's the same time...
  7. Re: HOWTO: Configuring Logitech mice in Ubuntu 6.06: New Guide

    Thank you so much! I've been looking for this since MAY!

    Worked perfectly the second time I tried it. First error was completely my fault. But it leads me to a question/problem.
    before I changed...
  8. Re: "Docking Station" cannot create executable link.

    I decided to run the game on my WinXP machine to see what was up. I had the same server error, but I don't understand why the nocheck thing doesnt' take care of that.

    At any rate, the game is more...
  9. Re: "Docking Station" cannot create executable link.

    Docking Station InstallBlast

    Checking for updates...

  10. Re: "Docking Station" cannot create executable link.

    yay! Thank you so much! I'll try to install this after I eat lunch. :D

    Yay for Ubuntu Gaming!
    I need a life... :(
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    Re: Good/original OpenSource games don't exist ?

    I don't understand how open source games would get the revenue to be able to create games similar to closed source games. But, I don't understand anything about revenue and open-source (I imagine a...
  12. Re: English language Q: Words that don't have "to" before a place (eg:abroad, here, h

    I scored perfect on all the english sections of the ACT. I've been trying to teach myself Esperanto (of which there is no native speaker, so I cannot just put myself around a bunch of people who...
  13. Thread: Popular FPS

    by Clay85

    Re: Popular FPS

    I used to play EQ2 and a mud called DragonRealms.

    EQ2 isn't popular anymore?
    The gameplay kinda sucks, but I play solely for the graphics. It's like "SpongeBob Squarepants: Interactive". I want...
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    Re: What's your favorite rts game ?

    Guild wars does have a lot of strategy. More than probably any game I've ever played. You've really got to know your class combo to stay alive (especially in PvP). It's a really intense game, but...
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    Re: MUD Spelled Backwards is DUM.

    I used to play muds, not so long ago. Maybe less than a year ago. But I've only known about Linux for less than a month.

    What programs are "out there" like ZMud or something similar? Where is...
  16. Re: "Docking Station" cannot create executable link.

    I'm not sure how to go about uninstalling it. I know there is a nifty command to uninstall programs and all of their little... whatcha-callem...libraries? But I don't know the command or which file...
  17. Re: "Docking Station" cannot create executable link.

    What does global mean?
    I don't think I have any .sh files. What is .sh?
  18. Thread: Forums FAQ list

    by Clay85

    Re: Forums FAQ list

    I come from the land of the 'absolute beginner forum' where no one is an absolute beginner except myself. I'm asking questions like 'How do I make desktop icons?'. Everyone else is asking questions...
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    Re: Hi-Jacking a Thread Definition

    haha! They call it "v1@gruh" now to get past your e-mail's anti-spam utilities.
  20. Re: I've been using Ubuntu for exactly one year now

    Haha, no fair! My first post is probably something like 'Why can't I install my .exe files?'

    Edit: haha! Very close. I looked it up and it was: Where is the ISO file? I opened the .rar file, but I...
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    Re: Hi-Jacking a Thread Definition

    In my opinion if the original poster's question has been answered, it's okay to move on if your question is slightly similar (Like Aysiu's example: Same situation, different error message). You...
  22. Re: "Docking Station" cannot create executable link.

    Now it's a different error. I guess that means I'm making progress...

    Docking Station InstallBlast

    Installing off filesystem...
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    Re: Just placed an order for Nokia 770

    Their slogan is

    I refuse to purchase items from companies that:
    1. Perpetuate bad grammar.
    2. Don't hire an editor.
    "Two Week's Notice"[sic] anyone? WB actually refused to fix their error,...
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    Re: Ubuntu getting faster and faster?

    I think I messed something up. Nothing is happening:

    And the cursor is blinking underneath the last line.

    What's happening? :(

    Edit: After gedit prelink the terminal gave me that warning,...
  25. Thread: Ubuntu origin

    by Clay85

    Re: Ubuntu origin

    That looks like what happens when I use Trillian on my WinXP box. (Trillian underlines Wikipedia entries.)

    I really miss Trillian when I switch to Ubuntu. :(
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