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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu for Android

    Ubuntu for android, is like an application of Ubuntu on top of android that when docked to a larger screen with keyboard and mouse you get the full Ubuntu desktop. I don't know the progress on this...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: 100% Works Ubuntu 12.04 LTS + Freeradius + Coova-Chill + daloRADIUS

    Here is my config.
    eth0 connected to internet modem while the eth1 is connected currently for testing to the laptop but this will be connected to a wireless access point.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: 100% Works Ubuntu 12.04 LTS + Freeradius + Coova-Chill + daloRADIUS

    I followed the instruction but when I got to daloradius web page I get the eth1 ip is none. when I connected a device directly to eth1 the laptop got the ip but no internet and wasn't...
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    [ubuntu] 9.04 can't boot ext4

    I had Ubuntu 8.10 installed and I wished to upgrade to the beta. It worked but some packages weren't update for some reason.

    I also changed the hard drive from ext3 to Ext 4 and was booting all...
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    [ubuntu] Dual Head Exteneded (nividia)

    I need to setup an extended view on Ubuntu 8.04. The second connection will be a projector so, I wish to have the first screen where I can run program and arrange things and on the second screen I...
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