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    [ubuntu] Re: usb hard drive not mounting

    Yay! Finally a solution - I've had the same problem as OP (same dmesg messages, seen is lsusb but can't mount) and nothing seemed to work - reformatting the disk on a PC, mountmanager... until this!...
  2. [other] Computer won't start... Motherboard recommendations?

    Hi All,

    Over the past year or so my (~6 year old) computer developed a problem on cold start. Lights and fans come on, but no boot (not even BIOS). Basically the same problem as this chap.
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    [gnome] Re: Accidentally my whole pictures folder

    Thanks for the advice - I'd already looked into Testdisk and Photorec, but seemed like a lot of hassle when I had most of the files backed up. (Also I got an error when using Testdisk which I...
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    [gnome] Accidentally my whole pictures folder

    Hi All,

    (begin rant)

    So, I was browsing to a folder of photos in Gnome, selected my "Pictures" folder and then pressed return... except that I hit delete by mistake (stupidly close on my...
  5. [ubuntu] Screensaver / power management features never activate

    Recently I replaced gnome-screensaver with xscreensaver as per this thread. Now the screensaver never starts, nor does the screen blank as set with the Power Management prefs.

    It seems that...
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