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    [all variants] Re: ASUS N53 Laptops, a few issues and some fixes.

    I recently bought a Asus N73 (N73SV-V1G-TZ342V) which is basically the same as the N53 except for a bigger screen. If it's possible I would like to expand this topic to also discuss some issues with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: bluetooth tray icon not visible

    I have the same, but I know why.

    My Toshiba laptop has turns the power to bluetooth on using software in Vista. Ubuntu clearly lacks that.

    There is a way however to enable bluetooth in Ubuntu....
  3. [ubuntu] Proxy on corporate network doesn't work on Ubuntu

    Hey all,

    The company where I work has a proxy network. It works fine on all their workspace computers, standard HP and XP computers that they preinstall.

    I want to access the network with my...
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