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  1. [xfce] Re: Changing window button icon size on xfce4-panel

    I didn't try the gtkrc in my theme until now. If something should work, I figure it would be:

    gtk-icon-sizes = "panel-tasklist-menu=32,32"
    But of course this didn't work as well. I also tried to...
  2. [xfce] Re: Changing window button icon size on xfce4-panel

    I'm trying to do this as well. Furthest I came was this ominous line in the xfce documentation:

    I tried to do this by changing

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    [ubuntu] Re: Bind super key to "activate Gnome-Do"

    I'd like to do that as well. Sadly as far as I could find out this is not possible with gnome-do:

    I want to use gnome-do...
  4. [all variants] Re: "Record what you hear" with no "wave" or "mix" setting in Alsamixer

    What the hell? I have the same problem. Cui bono?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Volume too loud on Karmic

    same here on Dell Inspiron 9400. really annoying.

    edit: It is possible to adjust the volume for each program separately under system>options>audio or something like that.
  6. Re: MetalChaser (free, multiplatform arcade shooter)

    Sorry, that it took me so long to answer...

    1. eragon100: Can you send me your console-output when you start the linux starter with the terminal? Browse to the game-folder and run:

  7. Re: MetalChaser (free, multiplatform arcade shooter)

    Has nobody tried it yet? :D
    If there are any troubles to start the game please ask here and I will try to help.
  8. Re: MetalChaser (free, multiplatform arcade shooter)

    I should probably note that it has only 23MB ;)
  9. MetalChaser (free, multiplatform arcade shooter)

    In the last two semester a few of my friends and myself developed a little 3D-Shooter. Though it is not very good, it is fun to play (for a while)...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 8.04 Hardy Heron: microphone is not working

    Here is a guide:
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    Re: Incubation: game-screen resolution problem

    Without Virtual Desktp turned on it runs fullscreen by the way. :)
    So it is easily playable, for those who want to try this game. Normal install, everything works from the beginning (except some...
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    Incubation: game-screen resolution problem

    When I try to run the great game Incubation withe wine 0.9.53 the resolution of the game drops to what I guess is 600x800 pixels. It doesn't matter if I run it with a virtual desktop. It starts ok,...
  13. Re: Improve (potentially halve) login time by using readahead

    Aww man... I had the same problem missing the gnome.root, but I decided to work on it today. So I log in this morning only to find using compiz my window borders are lost! I really didn't do anything...
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    Re: TIP: Improve bootup speed by reprofiling bootup

    :( Great using this I gained additional 5 seconds to my boot time :confused: I guess there is no way to restore the old profile? How can this be anyways??
    (Using Gutsy on an Dell Inspiron 9400...
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    Poll: Re: Howto: Installing and using KernelCheck

    Nice work :D
    I would love options for alternative kernel-patches like the ck-patchset :)
  16. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I installed and everything worked out of the box on my Dell Inspiron 9400 :D
    But I had some difficulties customizing and tweaking the thing. I had the resolution Problem and still get a flickering...
  17. Re: I found a mmorpg that works out of the box with wine!!

    looks promising, I think I will try it when my exams are over :)
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    Re: warsow 0.310 is out!

    Well ok, that sucks, but if there is no other way.... thx :)
    In this context I find the repos pretty stupid. Online games have to be up to date or you can't play them online...
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    warsow 0.310 is out!

    ...actually since a few days... how should I update?!

    I guess there is no sense in waiting until synaptic updates warsow (if this will happen at all...)
    So there is only a tar.gz2 file for an...
  20. Re: Picking the Kernel thats Right for You (Possible Speed Increase)

    not shure what happened
    I use Ubuntu 6.10 and installed as in Dapper via apt:

    apt-get install linux-k7 linux-headers-k7 nvidia-kernel-source
    but this time the new kernel didn't get added to...
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    Re: Howto: Successfully Play Matroska With Vlc

    Well it doesn't take make a big difference what I have to compile :D
    I was wondering if a simple apt-get install something could help me as well ;)
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    Re: Howto: Successfully Play Matroska With Vlc

    Do I really have to compile it all over again? :confused:
    Isn't it possible to use vlc from the recources and activate the mkv codecs somehow? This is so typically Linux](*,)
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    Re: Ode to kde-core.. a faster KDE

    Is this true? :D Im pretty lazy.
    I will probably need most of the packages anyway and kubuntu-desktop is maybe alright, too... but if its faster with kde or kde-core... you almost always get me...
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    Re: HOWTO install cvs xqf??

    Everything is working fine, this is great! Thanks again mate! :D
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    Re: HOWTO install cvs xqf??

    Wow thx! This is some heavy stuff... not shure I understood all of what you did there, so I'll just try to install the tar.gz you made there :D
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