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  1. Re: diagnosis-helper: Our tool to help you help newbies better. [WE NEED YOUR HELP.]

    We need your help

    We know a little bit about linux, but we need to know what kind of commands to run, so it will benifit the people who try to help other people.

    So please suggest commands...
  2. diagnosis-helper: Our tool to help you help newbies better. [WE NEED YOUR HELP.]


    We've been working on an interesting project for the past week and is coming along nicely.

    What is diagnosis helper?

    A new user installing linux might run into several hardware issues...
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    [ubuntu] Re: dual video card laptop xorg

    I don't think it's easy to switch between graphics cards just like that. Either if they're both onboard and your motherboard has some kind of really smart designers.

    Even if windows somehow...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: How to make Amarok connect to a radio station

    This might be useful:

    Look for amarok shoutcast servers or amarok streaming server. There are lot of scripts to do the same.
  5. Re: how to get compiz in ubuntu 8.04 under wubi

    What graphics card do you have?

    If it asks for install of a restricted driver (nvidia, ati), then compiz should start automatically.

    You can also go to system->Preferences->Appearence and...
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    Re: AwesomeWM - A Brief Introduction

    Hey, has anyone been able to build awesome 3.0? I couldn't build it because package "cairo-xcb" is missing (I painstakingly installed/compiled all the remaining packages)

    If so, can someone help...
  7. [all variants] unable to build awesome 3.0 because cairo-xcb package missing

    I want to build the awesome 3.0 desktop manager.

    Here's the output of $ make on my hardy system with all dependencies satisfied.

    [13:03]...bird/awesome-3.0-rc1: make
    Running cmake…
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    [all variants] mutt acting real strange

    Hi, I started using mutt to get my email. I use a really slow http tunnel as I'm behind a firewall.

    The problem came in when it started downloading all my 3500 gmail headers every time it...
  9. [all variants] Recording from amarok radio stream


    I loved some of the pre-loaded radio streams in amarok. (Playlists > radio streams > cool streams). Is there a way that I can record the audio and transcode it to mp3 or ogg. It's better if...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is another way to share files?

    Install an ftp server

    I would recommend proftpd or pureftpd, which both have corresponding gui administrative systems
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    [ubuntu] Re: Proxy exceptions not being set

    I'm not able to set the option in KDE either. Should I reinstall?
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    [ubuntu] Proxy exceptions not being set


    My university has a local ubuntu repository, which I use, along with some other repositories for some other software, which are on the internet.

    Trouble is, we use a proxy for connecting to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Firefox constantly hangs (Grays out)

    This happens when a page finishes loading, and disabling compiz doesen't help eiher.

    The output of top is:

    anirudhs@deepthought:~$ top

    top - 23:53:12 up 1 day, 1:25, 2 users, load...
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    [ubuntu] Firefox constantly hangs (Grays out)

    I use ubuntu hardy with firefox 3, on a core 2 duo desktop with 2gb ddr2 ram, and a powerful nvidia graphics card. a modest system by all means.

    I installed ubuntu freshly on a new machine.
  15. Remaster ubuntu and make installable via wubi?

    [update 12PM(IST): The issue seems to be resolved with the wubiguide. We'd still love to see an exhaustive guide where homebrew ubuntu-based distros can be made and installed using wubi]

  16. Re: How to make a live CD/DVD from your harddisk installation


    Thanks for the great guide. We want to make a livecd for our university linux user group and distribute them in our tutorials, seminars, etc.

    I made quite a few changes to a fresh install...
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    HTTP Proxy for wubi

    Hi, I decided to try wubi out along with my gutsy install, and the install did not work, mostly because the internet connection needs a proxy configured.
  18. Installing from debian repositories

    I want to install from a debian repository (because it's on my local network and updates are extremely fast) I changed source.list to include the appropriate packages...
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