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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Screen Freeze / System Lock on 12.04 Clean Install

    Mine is Toshiba A215 recently installed with 12.04 LTS off LiveCD. My system would not load completely and freeze during the pnpbios set up. Solved the problem by using nomodeset and pnpbios=off in...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Trying to use F6 Options

    I am no expert, I am relying on suggestions from others to me.

    Instead of turning OFF all the features at same time, ACPI, MODESET, APIC, LAPIC, DMRAID etc

    Only turn off one at a time to get...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    Toshiba Satellite
    A215 s7413

    Rough ISO install. Used F6 options nomodeset and pnpbios=off to get a kernel loaded and active. Occasional screen corruption when toggling over to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 12.10 Two batteries displayed

    I wish I had a working battery indicator visible or available with 12.04 lTS . Did you load an additional application or was it standard with your 12.10.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: cd/x/x errors, no such file directory

    That got me in !:):):)...sometimes I have to remember I am learning a new language and there are different dialects in play.

    edit of command lines complete

    sudu update grub complete

  6. [ubuntu] Re: cd/x/x errors, no such file directory

    Bashing , thanks for trying to help
    gksudo gedit grub
    generates a similar error message

    cannot open display

    something has it lock up or reserved.

    Back to my cheating question to at least...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: cd/x/x errors, no such file directory

    steeld, thanks for the guidance.... for those of us who do things infrequently, the obvious is not always apparent, especially when follow sticky notes etc.

    OK...I can move around the file...
  8. [ubuntu] cd/x/x errors, no such file directory

    This weekend I've made it through the 12.04 boot load screen failures, and now am trying to permanently apply the fixes.

    When I activate a Terminal cntl alt f2, it goes to
    user@machine ~$
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    [lubuntu] Re: Trying to use F6 Options

    For manual entered commands, that is the right idea,, wrong location....type the commands of interest before the double dashes

    quiet splash xxxxxxx - -

    I would encourage replacing the...
  10. [SOLVED] Thanks to dino99 for helping solve my boot failure screen lockup

    dino, while your first two suggestions didn't break me through the barrier, it gave me the idea to try pnpbios=off which appears to be the solution

    Thank you for sharing what you know !!!:):):)
  11. Sticky: [all variants] Blank Screen after reboot / attempt to install New ISO

    I posted a separate note (Toshiba A215 Failure to Boot 12.04 LTS) and thanks to dino99 he pointed me in the right direction.:)

    While booting 12.04 LTS ISO for the Try Ubuntu option, my system...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Toshiba A215 Laptop - Failure to Boot 12.04 LTS

    Thanks for pointing me towards that, it might be more useful after I get a working kernel. The link above has no reference to BSOD and is tied to 8.04 Heron. It does tell you how to improve graphic...
  13. [SOLVED] Toshiba A215 Laptop - Failure to Boot 12.04 LTS

    I would appreciate any help overcoming the Ubuntu BSOD during new ISO install start up on a Toshiba A215 s7413 w/ATI Radeon 1200 graphics on board.

    ISO DVD is good as evidence by load and start...
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    Re: Linux vs Netflix

    I've never been anti MS, but the more I read about how MS controls DRM processes, I am starting to change my mind.

    MS actions smell like typical anti trust behaviors....the kind of stuff the EUC...
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    [ubuntu] $300 Build, no Monitor

    Look at the closeouts and clearance items.
    MB iwth on board video is under 75
    CPU can be under 100
    Case 50
    HD 75

    AMD or Intel either works.

    Research the newegg reviews. The research will...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Comcast SmartZone needs text/html decoder

    I have the opposite laptop running Vista cannot play a comcast voicemail, I can only download to media player.....I get a message...the requested file could not be located......

  17. [ubuntu] Re: Unusual Boot Failure - Next Steps Please

    Attached file is messages if I did it right.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Unusual Boot Failure - Next Steps Please I am learning...I tried to attach the file and log files can't be attached so below is cut and paste. It's lengthy so messages will be next reply.


    X.Org X Server...
  19. [ubuntu] Unusual Boot Failure - Next Steps Please

    Bear with me please...I have been a trouble free Karmic user for several weeks on a stand alone install with no system hangups, problems etc. None...until today.

    I will apologize now for NOT...
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    Re: Where do I find old computers? the father of three daughters, I can appreciate your parents concerns.

    To protect privacy, ..I can send it to your dad's business in John Doe's name or anyone's name for that...
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    Re: Where do I find old computers?

    How ancient ?

    I have 486dx66 machine you can have, it still has Win3.1 on a 400KB drive. Monochrome monitor goes with it, but it will be expensive to ship monitor.
    You might have your work cut...
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    Re: Building new system, need advice...

    Just an opinion...since you are not hung up on performance attributes, back off the specs a little bit and go with last year's technology and no one will know the difference. The money saved can go...
  23. Re: Military lasers can now destroy incoming missles

    Yes, an in depth conversation could lead to closing the thread given the expectations for benevolence in all discussions and avoidance of political harshness.

    I was very careful in my choice of...
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    Re: Shooting at my University.....

    I do believe guns should NOT be allowed on campus. I hate to say, our times were a little different. There may be some validity to the idea violence on TV has desensitized some people, or made the...
  25. Re: Military lasers can now destroy incoming missles

    I think we/USA have been trying that approach for decades. The reality is we don't know the intentions of rogue states (no specific nation implied). The evidence is there are some pretty intense...
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