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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity and Citrix

    I've had a similar issue. I'm using Citrix ICA "online plug-in" to connect to my remote desktop.

    For me it's the full-screen mode that doesn't work, it looks like Unity insists on putting its...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Amazing! 10.04 lucid 5ghz wireless n usb just works out of the box!

    Here, here! Couldn't agree more...

    I feel sure that there must be some USB wireless somewhere that just works. Or is it just wishful thinking...? I've bought a couple who were rumoured to work out...
  3. [ubuntu] Codec for (RealAudio) .ivr

    I'm also looking for an IVR codec - looks like it's a new RealAudio format? If anyone has more info that would be great, but for now it looks like we're scuppered under Linux...
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    [ubuntu] Transfer files from Ubuntu via USB?

    Hi all,

    Odd request for networking via USB - is it possible to make files available (read only) from my Ubuntu box via USB? I guess I want my Ubuntu machine to look like a USB mass storage device?...
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