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    Poll: Re: Intel vs OLPC! Is it right?

    In many countries, school have basic infrastructure like water and electricity supplies but lack computers. Of course, computers shouldn't have as high a priority as necessities like water,...
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    Poll: Re: Dell E1505N or Macbook?

    What exactly are these odd and inexplicable decisions?
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    Poll: Dell E1505N or Macbook?

    I may be getting a laptop soon and since I don't want a computer with windows on it I am considering a Macbook and a similarly-equipped Dell E1505N (pre-loaded with Ubuntu). If I get the MacBook, I'm...
  4. Re: REnouveau - Perform tests for open source NVidia drivers development

    Thanks for the news on new dumps. The OP should be updated with these instructions.
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    Re: Feedback on Linux: Whines

    The same could be said about a lot of hardware and software. Linux simply has less hardware/software support since it's less popular. That's something we'll have to live with for the time being.
  6. Re: REnouveau - Perform tests for open source NVidia drivers development

    Can't get it to work on Dapper. When I try to run renouveau, I get this error message:

    ./renouveau: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ version `GLIBC_2.4' not found (required by ./renouveau)

  7. Re: HOWTO: Formatting and partitioning your external usb hard drive

    Thanks for the HOWTO - I just got an external hard drive and I couldn't have set it up without this guide. One small error, though: shouldn't chown yourusername:yourgroupname /media/nameofthelabel be...
  8. Thread: GUI vs. CLI

    by Carrots171

    Poll: Re: Is Ubuntu really too dependent on the terminal?

    You need the terminal in Ubuntu to set up an ADSL internet connection.

    SuSE and Mandriva have graphical configuration tools for ADSL and cable connections, and standalone graphical configuration...
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    Poll: Re: Xbox 360 or New Computer?

    Nah. 360 games look good, but not as good as games on a cutting-edge $2000 PC. Take a look at this comparison between the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Prey, for example.
  10. Re: International Email a Game Producer Month

    The problem is that these games are nowhere near as popular as commercial games made by companies such as the ones mentioned in the original post. There are people who have spent their money on and...
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    Re: Anyone sticking with Dapper?

    My Dapper installation's been working fine, and I don't want to bother with all of the problems I could encounter upgrading to Edgy. I don't see much benefit in upgrading to edgy because most of the...
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    Poll: Re: en_GB users, what should "Trash" be called?

    I don't care. Does calling it "Wastebasket" instead of "Trash" really make a difference? It's a trivial argument and the developers should concentrate on more important things.
  13. Re: Windows Vista: a time for Ubuntu to attack!

    I agree that Ubuntu needs more exposure. People consider Macintosh an option and not Linux because they've never heard of Linux before! Macintosh is only slightly more popular than Linux (around 1%...
  14. Re: Will PS3 be a chance for Linux to gain marketshare?

    I agree. Versions of Linux for the Xbox and the PS2 have been around for years and AFAIK have had no significant impact on Linux's market share. What makes Linux for the PS3 any different?
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    Re: BENCHMARKS - glxgears FPS scores, just for fun

    Around 9,780 FPS

    1 GB RAM
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+
    Nvidia GeForce 6800XT (with all 16 pipelines and 6 vertex units unlocked with Nvclock)
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    Re: Decent free games?

    Nexuiz, Tremulous, Neverball, and Enigma are a few of my favorite free games on Linux.
  17. Thread: Do you joe?

    by Carrots171

    Poll: Re: Do you joe?

    Nah. I'll stick with GEdit and EMACS.
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    Re: Murrine Official Thread

    That looks awesome! 8) Is it going to be in the next release?

    Tried the package for Dapper and it worked perfectly! Thanks! :mrgreen:
  19. Poll: Re: Would you Support a Linux-only Game Company?

    I didn't vote. I'd buy their games if they made good games. :)

    It's always good to have more games on Linux so I would buy from them, but I'd rather buy a game from a company that makes games for...
  20. Re: How does Ubuntu get support from People like Dell

    By getting some aliens to fly over to earth in thier flying saucers, abduct all of Microsoft's employees, beam up Microsoft's headquarters and factories, and fly them away to some distant planet...
  21. Poll: Re: Which is better: KDE or Gnome?

    People who like KDE will say KDE is better. People who like GNOME will say GNOME is better. The best way to see the difference is to try both. You can try GNOME with the Ubuntu LiveCD and try KDE...
  22. Re: Idea for Wiki: Criticisms Against Linux FAQ

    What's wrong with admitting weaknesses? Actually, not admitting any weaknesses can lead to people being disappointed with Linux.

    Also, I think that this FAQ deals with weaknesses that people...
  23. Re: Articles like this are the reason we get these "I'm leaving" threads...

    Linux probably never will reach the point where "everybody" is going to use it. I think it's far more likely to get to the point where there's a substantial amount of apps that are available for it -...
  24. Re: Articles like this are the reason we get these "I'm leaving" threads...

    In my opinon the reason is because Linux just isn't popular enough. We'll need to wait - we've seen more and more hardware and software makers support Linux over the years, and I think that this...
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    Poll: Re: Itunes or DRM for linux

    DRM and iTunes are bad but I'd like to see it on Linux anyway. I wouldn't use it, but there are a lot of people who do - and I'm willing to bet that some people aren't adopting Linux because they do.
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