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    Re: Help backing up files

    I'd have to also recommend DirSyncPro. It's pretty easy to setup but still gives you enough power to get a little technical with the way you backup.

    The only issue I've seen is the version of Java...
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    Re: [not really solved] Re: Google Earth 6.2 crashes in Xubuntu 12.4

    I also had similar problem. Run Google Earth, search for something, automatically starts zooming in, it crashes (but not full freeze, just GE disappears).

    I'm still not sure what the root cause of...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Crappy Abiword in Xubuntu 12.04

    I gotta admit I replaced Abiword with LibreOffice within a couple of days. Doesn't answer your question, but I also found it not working well with existing documents I had. LO is not as resource...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Mailman "Relay access denied" since upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04

    Yes, thanks too pot_roast. I also saw this subtle bug since moving to 12.04. Commenting out those lines worked fine. Who uses IPv6 on small networks anyhow?!? :-)
  5. [xubuntu] small "bug" Xubuntu 12.04, help shows 11.10

    It's not really a bug as such, but both the Xubuntu 12.04 live cd and alt cd installers result in the Main Menu / Help screen showing "Welcome to Xubuntu 11.10!"

    The file it shows is...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Disk encryption with separate home drive

    Enabling encryption ecrypts the whole target drive (except /boot) so the SSD will be encrypted, but not the HDD.
    As to the second question, since /home will by default be on your SSD it will be...
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    [xubuntu] Re: weird colours

    I saw that problem on a box I was installing Xubuntu on but I can't replicate the fault! however I think it's due to a particular combinations of styles and window manager settings being set BEFORE...
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    [xubuntu] Re: remove software-center

    As it mentions in Synaptic for xubuntu-desktop:

    It is safe to remove this package if some of the desktop system packages are
    not desired.

    It's safe - remove it! :-)
  9. [xubuntu] Re: upgrade to 12.04 have to wait 3 minutes after login

    At the login screen, press ctrl-alt-f3 to activate a console login and try logging in that way. Do you still get a delay? if not, then you can activate "top" in that console to monitor the cpu (just...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Sound juicer and mp3 (again - sigh)

    If you like CBR MP3 files instead (they seem to work better in car MP3 players) you need something like this. Took me ages to work this out so hope it helps others:
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    [ubuntu] Re: file operations windows is blank

    Yup, same here. Wonder if this is an old bug that was fixed and is now back due to a recent update?

    A reboot fixes this but it happens again. I...
  12. Re: du question: sort by size & show human-readable sizes

    Nice marlar!! Awk is still black magic for me. Maybe one day I will learn it as well as you. Until then I use this version of the "run du twice" example posted by ghostdog74 which outputs virtually...
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    [ubuntu] Open With - setting change?

    Like many, I prefer VLC to be the default for all media.
    On every install, I have to manually right-click each file type, select properties, open with and pick VLC to change the setting permanently....
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    [ubuntu] Re: KVM vs. manual Switch

    Hehee cool co-incidence. I use a video card and it works fine. Can't see why using onboard video would make any difference though.
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    [ubuntu] Re: PiTiVi won't render video

    Thanks jethro1138! These are two related bug reports.

    Moving the timeline...
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    [ubuntu] Re: KVM vs. manual Switch

    If by manual switch you mean something like these:

    then yes, I have used that with no problems on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Video screenshot from terminal

    Have a look at shutter:

    "Shutter brings a full range of functionality to the screen grab process."

    "Shutter also works from the command...
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    [gnome] Change Open with settings

    Like many, I prefer VLC to be the default for all media.
    On every install, I have to manually right-click each file type, select properties, open with and pick VLC to change the setting permanently....
  19. [ubuntu] Re: What happens I if issue a command twice?

    Unless I'm missing something, if you've already successfully installed the packages from the first command, the second command should output something like:

    Reading package lists... Done
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    Re: crontab: How to run GUI programs with cron

    Excellent! Bad thing is it took over an hour of pain to find this out but it was worth it in the end.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Different wallpapers on different workspaces in Ubuntu 10.04

    I've searched pretty extensively and can't find anyone that's been successful making this work under 10.04 Lucid. Only thing I can think of is to have a closer look at an older 9.10 system that's...
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    [ubuntu] Re: VLC video playback tearing

    Ubuntu 9.10 + ATI4850 + VLC + Compiz
    latest native ATI driver + full updates
    tried pretty much everything mentioned here as well as messing around in Catalyst Control Center (refresh rates, wait...
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    [ubuntu] Re: No remote desktop on Jaunty

    Thanks XCan!! I spent quite a while trying to find the missing "lock screen on disconnect" option (it used to be on the Advanced tab in 8.10). It's in the exact same section.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Unusual boot issue, always boots recovery console

    Thanks Augsburg but the menu file already had "default 0".

    If I press ESC at the GRUB prompt and manually select to boot the first normal kernel from the menu (not the recovery one), I get the...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Unusual boot issue, always boots recovery console

    I forgot to mention that I can reproduce the problem. When I reinstalled using the exact same way (alt cd, LVM etc) a second time, the problem was identical.
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