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    [ubuntu] [Solved] Twin view error

    Hello Everyone,

    I run Ubuntu 10.04 with up to date package of nvidia-current (i.e. nvidia-glx-185, the proprietary driver). I have a dell vostro 1400 with a NVidia 8400 GM graphics card. The...
  2. Re: HOWTO: Make DVD Videos Using Tovid: The Video Disc Authoring Suite

    Just for reference, there was the option


    in the .mplayer file, which caused the looping

    In my opinion it would be better for tovid to use a call to mplayer which ignores the users...
  3. Re: HOWTO: Make DVD Videos Using Tovid: The Video Disc Authoring Suite

    I have the following problem:

    I am using the gui v. 0.31. After choosing the menu for the dvd - basic stuff with image and sound - I click on "Start Encoding". Now the script runs and sets things...
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    [ubuntu] diablo 2 on wine after upgrade

    Hello there,

    After upgrade from karmic to lucid, I am not able to play Diablo 2 (lod) under wine anymore.

    I start D2 (installed on the win partition) via the following little script:

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    [ubuntu] Re: Checkinstall history

    memo for myself: Think before you post.

    dpkg -l | grep checkinstall

    assuming that one does not change the default package description: "Package created with checkinstall 1.6.1"
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    [ubuntu] Checkinstall history


    I ran into this bug:

    I checked that overwrite-local was set to 1.

    So I want to delete all python packages...
  7. Re: Any way to scale wine window with low-reoslution game?

    Thanks for the hint!

    The glide wrapper was key.

    For anyone who is interested:

    I start Diablo 2 on a virtual desktop via the following script:
  8. Re: Any way to scale wine window with low-reoslution game?

    Did you manage to solve this problem yet?

    I ran into it yesterday as I wanted to play Diablo 2.

    How can we scale low-res 4:3 games for hi-res widescreens?

    Help is very much appreciated.
  9. [ubuntu] Ping fails on a single pc in internal network

    Hello everyone,

    I want to ssh to a pc in our home network. It is a standard network in terms of a DSL router, dynamic IPs via DHCP, WPA2/PSK security, wireless network connection for all pcs...
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    [ubuntu] gma950 + external monitor question

    Hello everybody,

    just curious: Is it possible to run gma950 with external monitor on 1920x1200 under ubuntu? Anybody doing that?

    I am thinking of buying this combo...

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    [xubuntu] Re: change xfce4 to gnome persistently

    Thanks, now I removed every xfce4 and xubuntu related package. I did miss some... lets see if this goes well
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    [xubuntu] change xfce4 to gnome persistently

    Hi folks!

    I installed xubuntu a while ago (7.04 I think) and used it until 8.04. Then I decided to switch to gnome instead of xfce4. That went very well and I used gnome in 8.10 and 9.04. Now,...
  13. [all variants] strange dependencies for w3m-el-snapshot

    Hello everybody,

    recently, I decided to switch to emacs-snapshot for its nice font rendering capabilities (xft).

    Now I would like to get the w3m-interface working inside emacs-snapshot....
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