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  1. Re: Enable the Root Account This Should Be in the FAQ

    sudo does it all so I don't see a need to use the root account. Especially when I like to experiment a lot, a root account would kill my system completely.
  2. Re: Would you rather loose your OS or personal files?

    I have lost my OS too many times due to stupid curiosity of experimenting :D

    so loosing an OS for me is not a big deal since ubuntu install and get up and running takes a couple of hours tops
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    Re: Can we sue MS for defamation?

    you can sue anyone for anything in United States, the question should be do we have any chances of winning the lawsuit.
  4. Re: Wine / Other Emulators & Warcraft III Etc.

    its should run smoothly under a program called wine which lets you use windows programs
    there is also an alternative program called cedega but it is not free.
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    Poll: Re: I don't like Ubuntu!

    relax man, if you have a question ask it instead of releasing anger.
  6. Re: Kind of a weird question here..

    yeah females interested in technology are not so plentiful these days.
  7. Re: Even I can see Vista is not interesting people!

    this is why I switched to linux

    vista = useless load of unwanted stuff, too big, too expensive, lack of hardware support
  8. Poll: Re: Have you ever seen a Windows Blue Screen of Death? (BSOD)

    I see a few in school on daily basis, old computer running win 98
  9. Re: Kind of a weird question here..

    probably half a dozen or so for decorative purposes :D
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